Win a Garden for Your School

By  February 01, 2010


In today’s go-go-go world, fast food is all too often the easy choice for busy moms on the move. We’re all about convenience of consumption. We neglect to instill the importance of healthy habits at an early age, and wonder why we face such alarming rates of obesity, diabetes, and other preventable problems.

Well, Welch’s and Scholastic have teamed up to make a difference and stop this cycle. They’re setting out to educate children about the importance of sustainable agriculture and healthy eating. They want kids to get their hands dirty by planting, tending, and growing gardens. The goal is to get them excited about the earth (and the food that grows out of it!) at a young age.

Want to join in on the action? Want your school to get involved? You can encourage your child’s teacher to submit an application for an opportunity to win a garden at your community’s school.

Entries will be judged by experts at the National Gardening Association. Two schools in every state will be awarded a Welch’s Harvest Grant, and receive a customized indoor or outdoor garden package filled with a variety of tools, seeds, educational materials, and more. Deadline for submission is Feb. 6. For more information visit

*Photo via iStock