Would You Wear Rollers In Public?

By  March 03, 2008

Think this is a case of fashion and function fusing, or pure laziness?

Coleen McLoughlin

British socialite/WAG Coleen McLoughlin was spotted leaving a hair salon over the weekend wearing a head full of curlers… maybe she didn’t have time to finish her hair styling session?

Says Coleen: “If I go to the hairdresser before a night out, I’ll often leave the rollers in and take them out at home… I don’t care what people think, as long as my hair looks good when I go out.”

Being that I’m all for getting ‘All Dolled Up’, I myself am guilty of stepping out of my apartment in rollers for a quick run to the corner store. Hell, I did it yesterday!

Though, I’m not a paparazzi magnet either… if I knew my photo was going to be snapped the moment I stepped outside, I believe I’d think twice about the entire world seeing me in curlers.

What about you? If you were always in the limelight, would you wear rollers in public?


**Photos Courtesy of Daily Mail**