Your New Summer Drink …

By  June 08, 2009

I discovered the most incredible drink this weekend. Okay, I didn’t “discover” it exactly, but I would like to get some credit when it becomes your signature summer cocktail.  (You can thank me by referring more peeps to GlamNest.)



Southern-based distillery Firefly has an absolutely delicious sweet tea-flavored vodka. (And, just for the record, I don’t often use the words “delicious” and “vodka” in the same sentence.) Pour a little Firefly over ice and add some lemonade (I use Crystal Light so it’s figure-friendly), stir, add a lemon wedge, and – voila – you’ve got yourself a refreshing, tasty, and classy cocktail. It’s essentially a vodka-infused Arnold Palmer, and it’s absolutely amazing! But be warned that you can barely taste the alcohol, so sip slowly and enjoy! … Um, is it happy hour yet? ~ Lauren Barth

P.S. Firefly has a bunch of other tea-flavored vodkas. Check ‘em out HERE.

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