33 Juicy Fruit-Inspired Nails For Your Next Sweet Summer Manicure

Juicy and flavorful ripe fruits make us think of warmer days. Nature's candy doesn't just taste delicious, but many fruits look adorable, too, making them the perfect design to pair with your trendy summer nail color. Plus, there's an option for almost any color of the rainbow, from red cherries to purple grapes.

You can choose a fruit based on your chosen color theme (and don't be afraid to get creative with it) or centered around your favorite fruit. Some examples include cherries, strawberries, lemons, oranges, watermelons, peaches, pineapples, kiwis, and papayas, but there's so much more. Tropical fruits feel extra summery, while options like apples, oranges, and pomegranates can be styled for fall or winter nails — there's an option for any season!

Whether you go for charming hand-drawn produce or fruit-themed nail stickers and gems, there are a few ways to incorporate these lush designs into your manicure. You can stick with one fruit theme or mix and match a few across your nails. You can also pair various other designs with fruits, from French mani or patterned bases to small decals like flowers, smiley faces, and other doodles. When you're looking for a summer nail design that's sweet and colorful, there are so many fruit-inspired manicures that are ripe for the picking.

Fruit medley

We love a quirky mismatched manicure — and a mix-and-match set of fruit nails is perfect for when you can't choose just one fruit. With several fruits on each nail, this manicure feels like a bountiful fruit harvest. To create a similar look, you can choose your favorite fruits or opt for the ones you find most aesthetically pleasing (these nails are about looks rather than taste, after all!).

Cherry French manicure

When it comes to fruit-themed nails, cherry manicures are a classic choice. The cartoon cherry pattern brings a heavy dose of nostalgia, and the bright red color (a classic manicure hue) makes them perfect for bright nail designs. Best of all, cherries are relatively easy to draw yourself by using a dotting tool and a thin nail art brush. The French manicure base makes these cherry nails look extra classy.

Bunches of blueberries

These blueberry bunch nails are just so charming. White and blue nails will always feel like summer, so this color palette is perfect for the warmer months. If your goal is to go with a blue manicure, blueberries are the obvious fruit choice. This is another simple but pretty nail look you might be able to recreate yourself with a dotting tool and nail art brush.

Watermelon slices

Refreshing and juicy, watermelons might just be the fruit of the summer. Bring this mouth-watering fruit to your nails. While watermelons in real life might have a reddish hue, this nail design looks so pretty in pink. It's girly and sweet, and if you don't want too many watermelons, you can follow the lead of this look by just adding a slice to your accent nails.

Oranges and daisies

Florals for summer? Groundbreaking. Make your floral nails all the more cute by combining them with fruits — oranges are a good example. Though detailed, these nails are rather toned-down because they use a natural base. This makes the nature-inspired design fit right in, and we can't help but adore the lush orange, white, and green color palette.

Red raspberries

These raspberry nails are detailed but simple and capture the image of a raspberry beautifully by just using some dots and lines. Raspberry nail art can be hard to draw since these berries don't have easy differentiating markings, such as the stems on cherries or the seeds on strawberries. By keeping white spaces between each small dot, this nail art makes it clear these are raspberries while keeping the design simple to recreate. It's another one that you can try with a steady hand and a dotting tool!

Peachy keen nails

We can't help but think of warm summer days when we see sweet and juicy peaches. Their light pinkish-orange color is also perfect for bold spring or summer nails. Like many of the other nails on this list, you might prefer to choose an accent nail or two to draw the peaches on rather than covering all your nails. This creates a more toned-down minimalistic nail look that is great for everyday wear.

Lemon French manicure

A lemon design and bright yellow tips aren't generally associated with a minimalist manicure, but this nail look achieves this feat. It beautifully combines vivid hues and a contrasting muted base to create a fruit design that's eye-catching but not too loud. A French manicure base is always classic, and the lemon designs and bright colors make us think of fruity sorbet (perfect imagery for summer nails).

Peek-a-boo kiwis

If you want green fruit nails, kiwis are the fruit to go for — bright colors and dotted patterns are fun choices for a summer manicure. Since green is a rather bold color, choose a more neutral base, like this light pink, which pairs nicely with the green design.

Grape bunches

Whether you love crisp, crunchy grapes or like what comes of them (ahem, wine), grape nails are completely charming for a summer manicure. It's such a simple manicure to try to recreate by yourself, too, with a dotting tool and a small nail brush. To add a bit of shimmer, this nail look uses a metallic purple color, which also adds more dimension to the grapes.

Papaya print

Cherries, strawberries, and lemons are popular choices for fruit-inspired manicures, but if you're looking for something more distinctive, why not try papaya print nails instead? Their bright orange color is tropical and bold, and you can incorporate a few other complementary colors, too, like a muted yellow, paler orange, or deep green.

Watermelon-inspired swirls

You don't need to actually draw any produce to take advantage of fruit-inspired nails. With the right colors and patterns, you can capture the vibe of your favorite fruits without sketching them out. These watermelon-inspired nails are an excellent example. The bright reddish-pink color (complete with black seeds) and green swirls automatically make us think of this summer fruit.

Peach accent nail

Even if you want a fruit-inspired manicure, the fruit doesn't have to be the star of the show. It's possible to incorporate fruits into other manicure themes as well. This pink nail look has a retro cartoonish vibe with a smiley face, polka-dot French tip, and cute daisy. A pink peach fits right in with the theme without distracting from the other fun designs.

Strawberries and daisies

We can almost smell the fresh ripe strawberries when we look at these vivid nails. The strawberries and daisies remind us of lying in a lush meadow on a warm summer day. The yellow dot in each daisy's center gives these nails a sunny disposition that is perfect for warm weather.

Blushy watermelon vibes

Pink and green watermelon colors are so distinctive, so it's no surprise that they're a good choice for fruit-inspired (but fruitless) manicures. A full bright pink base might overpower this nail look, so it goes for a gradient effect instead. The white to rosy base gives these nails a blushed look, which becomes watermelon-themed when paired with the green outline.

Cartoony oranges

This orange manicure has a cartoony quality to it that makes it playful and charming. When it comes to a standout manicure, it's really in the details, and the small white dots give this orange nail look more dimension. We love how uniform the orange designs are — it makes it feel like an intentional pattern rather than a smattering of fruit.

Realistic raspberries

These raspberries are so realistic; they're like a little work of art on these nails. Unlike the other raspberry manicure on this list, which uses negative space to outline simple berries, this one uses detailed outlining and shadows to create each fruit. The end result is a memorable manicure, made a little more fun with the sparkly French tip nails.

Watermelons and florals

These watermelon nails really pop because of their deep red color (instead of a rosy pink, like the other watermelon nails on this list). While the melons would look perfectly gorgeous on their own, the flowers add a feminine touch that makes this manicure so pretty. When it comes to summer nail designs, fruits and flowers really are an adorable match!

Peach emoji

These peach emoji nails have a vivid and cartoony quality that makes them almost pop off the nail — they're that eye-catching. The bright color, shadowing, and white highlights give the peaches an almost 3D effect. With this focus on detail, it's best to pair bold nail art like this with a plainer base, like a French manicure.

Pink grapefruit

Sweet and sour, pink grapefruit nails are so refreshing, just like their real fruit counterpart. The pink and yellow color palette of these nails is gorgeous for summer. It's pretty and sunny, and we love the little details, with close-ups of grapefruit slices to really capture your eye.

Oranges and flowers

Another oranges and flowers manicure, this nail look is just too cute to pass up. The designs are itty-bitty, which makes the overall manicure look very delicate. The orange slice accent nail adds a bit more interest (otherwise, it's possible to mistake these nails for polka-dots from far away). A sparkly top coat is the finishing touch that makes these nails feel youthful.

Blueberries and blooms

There's something that's so quaint about these blueberry and daisy nails. Their slightly realistic look and little green details remind us of vintage fruit paintings. Dainty daisies pull the look together and add to the antique vibe. This manicure is charming overall, which is a fun twist on the trendy blueberry milk nails

Watermelon pattern

This manicure is another one that takes advantage of watermelon colors, combining red and green into an endearing nail look. The checkerboard pattern gives these nails a nostalgic feeling, and since it uses French tips for a couple of nails, it isn't an overwhelming pattern. The watermelon drawing on an accent nail makes the fruit inspiration undeniable.

Orange picnic

The blue and white striped background makes these nails feel reminiscent of a picnic or a day by the beach — the pattern feels like something you'd see on a picnic blanket or a beach towel. Detailed orange slices make these nails look fresh and enticing, and we also love the leaf details, which add even more realism to the design.

Bright apple nails

If you don't want to abandon fruity nails in other seasons, you have a few options. For fall, apple nails are a sweet pick. Even better if you rock these while apple-picking! Concentrate on the stem design to differentiate this design from cherry nails — it's what makes the fruits look like apples. You can also opt for green apples if you prefer that color scheme.

Tiny fruits

There are a few familiar faces in this manicure, including strawberries, blueberries, and oranges, but that's not enough for these super fruity nails. Bananas and pineapples make up the rest of the design. This manicure is one way to remind yourself to get your five a day! The small design makes these nails extra charming.

Half-moon oranges

These peek-a-boo oranges are so cute, with a cartoonish look that makes them feel extra playful, making them the perfect design for an inverted French mani look. With such a bright design, it's a good idea to choose a neutral base for this type of nail (although you can go with a vivid color or pattern if you really want your nails to stand out).

Just peachy

Another cartoony look, these peaches are so jolly and sweet. It's the heart-like shape and emphasized middle line that makes them look extra juicy. A bit of pattern and subtle dot designs give these nails a really animated look that we absolutely love — it feels like they could be part of the end scene of a kid's movie about peaches. Finish the look with a nail that reads "Just peachy" for maximum effect. 

Creative pineapple

As this creative pineapple design shows, you don't need to limit a fruit design to one nail. We love the idea of having a fruit painted across two nails that creates a full picture when you put them together. The thumb and an accent nail are the perfect spots for this type of design.

Gradient grapefruit

The chrome gradient design of these nails absolutely steals the show, but the fresh grapefruit slice makes it all the more perfect for summer. You can recreate a similar nail look with really any citrus fruit, including oranges, lemons, or limes. The key here is to use a chrome polish the same color as your fruit slice to tie the look together.

Tiny oranges

This itty bitty orange manicure features a subtle fruit nail design — from far away, the oranges just look like decorative dots, but when you look closely, you'll see they're adorable scattered oranges. This type of design is ideal for when you want colorful nails but don't want them to scream "fruit." Best of all, this look is easy to recreate yourself. A dotting tool and a toothpick (or a nail art brush if you have it handy) should do the trick.

Gem fruit salad

Painting on a nail design can feel really intimidating if you're trying to do your own manicure. In that case, reach for some multi-color gems to create a fruit-themed nail look. With the right colors, it's easy to create cute strawberries, grapes, watermelon slices, and cherries, like in this design.

Pink pumpkins

Did you know that pumpkins are a fruit? That's right — this popular gourd is in the same category as the peaches and berries on this list. It's an unconventional "fruit," but it's just as charming and cute as the other options on this list. Done up in pink, these pumpkins are creative and girly, perfect for summer or fall.