Dani Lee Collins

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Vivid Hair, Mental Health Representation, Genderless Fashion
  • Dani's professional writing career kicked off in 2016 when HelloGiggles published their first article detailing how K-pop and international style icon G-Dragon helped them uncover their gender identity. Since then, they have immersed themselves in the world of genderless and gender-fluid fashion.
  • Never content to rock the same shade for more than a few months, Dani has perfected the at-home dyeing process by sampling the latest vivid hair trends. She remains on a never-ending quest to find the best vegan hair dye.
  • As a writer and editor, they examine the roles that nature, community, and representation play in reducing the prevalence and stigma of mental illness. They also advocate for mental health using their lived experience with bipolar disorder.


Dani has over seven years of digital content marketing and professional writing experience. She began by working with startups and small businesses to develop their brand voices and engage with customers across platforms. Dani then leveraged her skill set to break into the video game industry as a features writer for Static Media in 2018, a position that led to her appointment as lead editor for SVG and gaming editor for Looper less than two years later. Now, Dani draws on that background to explore her feminine energy and connect with other women as an editor for Glam.


Dani is pursuing a bachelor's degree in neuroscience. They hope to develop new approaches to treating mental distress.
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