5 Spring Fragrance Trends To Embrace Now

spring fragrance trends

Photo: c/o Scentbird

Ready to swap out your winter scent with a fresh spritz for spring? We caught up with Mariya Nurislamova, CEO of Scentbird, to get the scoop on what’s happening with warm-weather fragrances, because we’re just weeks away from sleeveless fashion weather—and we’d rather think about sunny things, anyway. We suspected the scents of the season might be in line with the bright spring makeup, and we were right, so we know you’ll love them, too. Here, five fragrance trends to embrace now.

Fresh fragrances

“This year, 2018 will see a renaissance of the clean, fresh feel of lavender, peony, and violet, either as main notes or as themes in a perfume,” says Nurslamova. “Lavender and violet in particular will be very popular.” She suggests unisex fragrances Room 1015 Yesterday, EB Florals Velvet Lavender, and/or Eau de Cartier. This is one of the easiest and most classic spring fragrance trends to try.

Indie perfumes

“Perfume lovers are still discovering the wide-open palates and bold choices in niche, micro, and indie lines. Luxury stores are offering more niche lines at their perfume counters, and the major designer lines are now in the habit of offering more artisanal releases mixed in with their flagship fragrances.” Check out Sixteen92, Penhaligons, and The Fragrance Kitchen.

spring fragrance trends


“Lines that blend in the client’s own personal body chemistry to complete the fragrance profile will continue to gain interest,” says Nurislamova. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 has pheromone-like qualities that react to your skin for a scent that’s unique to you. Subscription services like Scentbird are also becoming the norm rather than the exception for first-time perfume buyers.

Gender neutrality

“More and more releases are getting away from defining gender as part of their appeal. Gender fluidity is as appealing in the fragrance world as much as in fashion and is one of the top spring fragrance trends. The lines are finally dissolving between the sexes around what smells good on a man and a woman,” Nurislamova explains. She suggests Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman and Etat Libre D’Orange You or Someone Like You.

Layering for versatility

“Roll-ons, solid perfumes, scented lotions, atomizers, and purse sprays will continue to get more popular as perfume lovers become more particular about scent longevity, depth, and portability.” For this reason alone, Scentbird is catching on with consumers. The brand’s easy-to-use-and-tote packaging is a dream for frequent travelers, honeymooners, and the wishy-washy. She suggests Philosophy Amazing Grace paired with Scentbird’s Rose and Prosecco Hand Cream.

This post originally appeared on Bridal Pulse.