Beyoncé Just Showed Off Her Natural Hair For The First Time In Years


Among Beyoncé's many accomplishments is her proven ability to rock a number of hairstyles. From box braids to bobs to bold wigs, the 37-year-old pop icon has owned every single look. But through the years, her natural hair, which she rarely shows, has become a bit of a mystery.

Well folks, Queen Bey's “au naturale” hair just made a cameo on her mom Tina Lawson's Instagram account. And it turns out, she has longer locks than anyone expected. (Seriously, the Beyhive is going wild over it.) In the clip, Lawson is combing through her daughter's dark, honey-highlighted hair before trimming it. “Au naturale darling,” she repeats over and over in a mock-deep voice.

While Lawson's original post has since been deleted, a fan page was able to repost the video before it was gone.

Beyoncé's response proves that this mother-daughter relationship is as normal as any other: “Mama that’s really annoying…I mean very annoying,” she says.

Lawson clearly relishes in irritating her daughter, as proven by her caption: “I was trimming my baby’s hair today and i am mocking Neal! Getting on her nerves! Being really annoying.”

The parent-child banter is thoroughly entertaining, but we can't stop staring at Bey's shiny, waist-length locks. Fans were also quick to praise the singer for her healthy-looking hair. “The inches!” one user commented. “Drop the hair care routine ???” said another. Yes, please!

The post has us wondering what look Beyoncé will sport to the Lion King premiere, which is released next month on July 19. Will we see a natural Bey? Perhaps a curly-maned Bey in honor of her lioness character? Only time will tell.

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