Buttery Skin Is The Next Big Makeup Trend To Try This Season

buttery skin

Of all the beauty trends that emerge on social media, buttery skin is probably one of the most wearable. (Remember nose hair extensions? Yikes…)

The look is exactly what it sounds like — sort of. Autralian makeup artist Isabelle De Vries coined the term “buttery skin” to describe her technique that emulates the natural texture of butter. She doesn't actually slather a stick of the stuff over the skin…

“I came up with the term buttery skin, because it gives off the same silky smooth texture and natural sheen that butter has,” De Vries told to Allure

The ultra-glowy, super-smooth finish is in line with the dewy skin trend that is all the rage these days. But unlike glass skin and dumpling skin, De Vries clarifies that buttery skin is a makeup technique, not a skin care routine. Though proper skin prep applies before any application of makeup, she notes.

So, what's the recipe for a buttery complexion? Lots of layering. Essentially, the routine consists of six steps: skin prep, primer, foundation, cheek color, balm, and a finishing mist. According to De Vries, the skin care products you use should contain hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain moisture, or other hyper-hydrating agents, and cream makeup products work best for the desired result.

De Vries starts by hydrating the skin and applying an illuminating primer so makeup goes on smoother. Next, a “dewy foundation is a must,” she explains, adding that she like to use her fingers to press the foundation into skin. She then dabs cream blush and highlighter onto the cheeks “so everything is kept looking creamy and hydrated.” Her go-to: Glossier Cloud Paint. For extra dewiness, she applies Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Balm over the cheekbones and eyelids and finishes off the look with an allover spritz of a hydrating face mist.

Voila! De Vries has clearly perfected buttery skin, as evidenced by her Instagram feed, which is chock full of deliciously glowy — never greasy! — makeup complemented by bright, bold eye looks. Have a scroll for all the beauty inspo you need to get started.

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