Demi Lovato Leaned Into The Neon Trend With New Lime Green Hair

Demi Lovato green hair

Between rainbow nails to tie-dye everything, it seems like bright colors are here to stay. Neon hues, particularly slime green, have been a massive trend this summer, and it looks like that won't be slowing down anytime soon. Demi Lovato is the latest to dive into the bold trend, debuting neon green hair (and matching nails) on Instagram this week.

The 27-year-old singer showed off her dip-dyed look on Instagram Stories after posting a photo of her matching neon nails. “Woke up sick yesterday,” she wrote over a snap of her geometric French manicure with neon green tips. “Can't do anything today…but my nails match my hair so that's cool.”


She then shared a snap of her new look, since apparently a lot of us missed the initial reveal. “In case some of you forgot,” she wrote, “Yes! Green hair.” Lovato kept her short dark bob, but added 2000s-inspired neon green dye to the ends of her strands. Her French manicure is also a nod to the early 2000s trend, which has made a serious comeback in 2019.

Many are comparing Demi Lovato's green hair transformation to 17-year-old goth-pop singer Billie Eilish, a fellow hair chameleon who recently dyed her roots neon green.


Regardless of where Demi Lovato got her inspiration from, she's no stranger to bold beauty trends. She's rocked nearly every possible hairstyle from lavender ombre, fire-engine red, and various shades of blonde. After sporting long locks for awhile, the pop singer made the cut this past spring, revealing a sleek new bob that she's kept since. It's hard to tell how long a trend-chaser like Lovato will keep her new look, but for now, she's proving that the neon trend is only just beginning.

But before you go and follow suit, keep in mind that ultra-bright hair hues require a lot of maintenance, especially if your hair is naturally dark. Consider dyeing just your ends, like Lovato, since you have to bleach your hair first before glossing it with the color of your choice. Plus, the pretty neon ombré effect is much easier to pull off.

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