How A Dermalinfusion Facial Changed My Skin In A Single Session

dermalinfusion facial

Photo: c/o Envy Medical

No matter how diligent I am when it comes to taking care of my skin — and it’s worth noting that my twice-daily, 20-minute routines qualify me, IMHO, as “very diligent” — I often feel like I need to be doing more, especially when it comes to the cleansing process. Despite the fact that I use makeup wipes, double cleanse, and exfoliate both physically and chemically as much as my skin can handle, I still feel like there’s gunk hanging around in my pores.

I used to fantasize about using some sort of suction cup to clear out my pores, for good, but online searches for the perfect (and safest) device left me empty handed. Then, I learned about the Dermalinfusion facial, which was, quite literally, all my skin care dreams come true. It’s basically the facial equivalent of a Dr. Pimple Popper video, but instead of popping your zits, it’s cleaning them out with suction. It works by using a sort of vacuum-meets-hose device to suck the dirt, oil, and product residue out of your pores while infusing them with hydrating serums. It also somehow exfoliates your skin in the process, which helps up the glow factor even more.

Within minutes of reading about the treatment, I booked myself an appointment at Envy Medical in New York City’s Upper East Side.

“It’s purifying, extracting, exfoliating, and infusing,” Cynthia Rivas, medical esthetician, explained as she passed over my skin with the device. “It’s a one-stop shop.” A few minutes into the treatment, which only took about 15 in total, she had me touch the side of the face that she’d treated and compare it with the side that she hadn’t, and I truly couldn’t believe the difference.

In addition to making my skin look fresh and clean, there’s another benefit to the Dermalinfusion facial that I hadn’t expected: It also helps the face look less bloated. “The vacuum is used for lymphatic drainage, too, and we’re actually de-puffing the area and moving the lymph down, so you’re going to have more of a sculpted look,” Rivas explained.

After the treatment was over, my skin boasted the usual post-facial glow, but more importantly, it looked — and felt — cleaner than it had since puberty. And the coolest part? Once she was done, she let me see the collection of the dirt/grime/grossness that had been pulled out of my pores, and it was just as disgusting as you’d imagine. It was hard for me to believe that a dedicated double cleanser like me could have had such nastiness going on underneath the surface of her skin, but the proof was staring me in the face.

Rivas assured me that the results could last up to a few weeks, and after 14 days, I’m beginning to feel like my regular, greasy self again. She also mentioned that the more you keep doing these treatments (she suggests booking an appointment every two weeks), the better your results will get every time. FYI, I asked, and sadly it's currently not possible to own one of these in your own home… which means I’m due for another trip to the Upper East Side, stat.