Are Eyebrow Extensions Beneficial, Or Just Another Bizarre Brow Trend?

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If you thought the bushy eyebrow trend had reached its peak, think again. First there were brow gels and pencils, then came brow tinting and microblading. Now, people are getting eyebrow extensions to achieve those fluffy arches we all fancy. It may sound ridiculous, but unlike ponytail brows and feather brows, the results are pretty amazing.

That's because eyebrow extensions are essentially the same as lash extensions. As Umbreen Sheikh, founder and CEO of Wink Brow Bar, told Cosmopolitan, the technique is done by attaching natural-looking fibers to brow hairs or directly on skin with medical-grade adhesive for a thickening effect. The treatment can be used to fill in sparse areas, add definition to the arch or to totally reconstruct the brows if they have been over-plucked or are starting to thin.

The result? More natural looking than you imagine. Take a look at some of these incredible transformations:

Pretty amazing, right?

Of course, there are some caveats: Because they typically only last up to two weeks, eyebrow extensions require quite a bit of maintenance. Sheikh also warns that they come off more quickly if you have oily skin. It's not cheap to get brows extensions either, with prices ranging from $50-$300 for an initial appointment, and $40-$100 for fill-ins. Of course, the bigger the brow, the bigger the tab will be.

Because of their limitations, eyebrow extensions are thought of as a short-term solution, or a test run for anyone considering tattooing or microblading. It's less of a commitment and comes with less risk, too. “I usually recommend eyebrow extensions for clients who want thicker brows for a special occasion, like a wedding or party, or for clients who are a little worried about going the microblading route, either because they think it’s too invasive or they’re just not ready to commit," says Sheikh.

Still, extensions are certainly a great option for anyone who wants to temporarily thicken their brows.

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