I Got The Face Sculpting Treatment Supermodels Swear By

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Photo: SplashNews

If there’s one thing that supermodels like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have that I don’t — aside from mile-long legs and access to private planes, of course — it’s a sculpted jawline. Today’s most famous faces are characterized by angles sharp enough to cut the glass on your smartphone, something I have always chalked up to genetics. As someone whose genetics gifted her with more of a rounded jawline and cheeks, like many, I spent years mastering the art of contouring. But recently I learned about Forma, the face sculpting treatment many models swear by, and set aside my makeup.

The treatment is touted as a “non-surgical face lift” and uses radiofrequency (RF), or heat energy, to improve skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production, and tighten tissue. Forma works beneath the superficial layer of skin and is a favorite of stars like Jordyn Woods and Jasmine Sanders, who are known to frequent Los Angeles’s Le Jolie Spa for their fix.

“It tightens the collagen and rejuvenates the production of new collagen,” Parvaneh Rafaeloff, MD, owner and medical director of Le Jolie told me as I laid down on her table at the spa’s pop-up in New York City during fashion week. “They call it a non-surgical facelift because after back-to-back treatments, about five or six in total, it lasts for five to six years, and some of my patients say it’s made them look 20 years younger without having to resort to surgery.”


Photo: Forma

When it was time to get started, Dr. Rafaeloff asked me which area I wanted to target, and without skipping a beat, I directed her toward my jawline. She started by rubbing a cooling conductive gel over my skin before reaching for the Forma device. She moved it slowly over my face, concentrating on the areas I had indicated wanting to sculpt. The device uses auto-adjusting thermal radio frequency, meaning that when it senses the skin has reached the necessary subdermal temp, it reduces the energy. Therefore, the process didn’t hurt at all — it actually felt kind of like a facial massage — and within 15 minutes, she was done with the first half.

As someone who tries a lot of different facial treatments, this was the first time in my life that I audibly gasped when I saw myself in the mirror. In less time than it takes me to watch an episode of Friends, my face had completely changed. There was a clear difference between the half that the device had touched, which was visibly tighter and more sculpted, and the natural half, which made me realize just how Jello-y my jawline looked before.

Dr. Rafaeloff finished the treatment on the other side of my face, and I was truly impressed with the results, which were immediate. My jawline was smoother, and my chin appeared more defined. One round of Forma, like what I did, costs around $600 and is expected to last up to four months, but keep in mind that the more treatments you receive, the longer the results will last. Also nice? There was zero downtime, and I went straight to a fashion week party from my session.