Glass Brows Are Shaping Up To Be A Major Makeup Trend This Season

glass brows

Bold brows have been going strong for years now, but New York Fashion Week proposed a spin on the trend: glass brows. In lieu of powder, celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman applied luminous lipstick to models' eyebrows at the Brock Collection spring 2020 show, and the result was super shiny and shockingly chic.

The look, which Coveteur first dubbed “glass eyebrows” while referencing the recent “glass skin” trend, was Westman's way of contrasting the collection's delicate pieces. “The collection is quite romantic, so we wanted the girls to have a bit of an edge somewhere,” she told Coveteur prior to the runway show. “We thought the brow was a very obvious and expressive place to show some strength.”

Westman created the look by dipping an angled brow brush in lipstick and applying it to the brows. “Powder can look quite makeup-y,” she said, “So instead I use a combination of pencil and black lipstick on the brows. I mix brown in with the black so it turns more grey.”

Westman also said that she was careful to paint the product on the actual brow hairs, rather than the skin, to avoid them looking too stenciled and unnatural, and then brushed the hairs upwards for more of a feathered look. Finally, to top it all off, she tapped some of her Lit Up Highlight Stick ($48) over brows to set them and create the super-shiny, glass-like effect.

We've seen others try out similarly bizarre-sounding tricks, like this makeup artist who filled in her brows with red liquid lipstick, but Westman's technique isn't all that different from applying a brow gel or pomade. It simply gives a different finish to the brows.

Whether glass brows will win over the brow-obsessed beauty community has yet to be seen, but we think it has a pretty good shot. To recreate the glassy effect at home, it's probably best to fill in your arches as you normally would, then go back over them with a liquid highlighter or clear lip gloss.

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