4 Hairstyles That Instantly Hide Hat Hair

With the chiller air comes an incentive to unpack all of the hats that have been buried in your closet. The only problem? They tend to leave your perfectly-styled hair flat or frizzy. Couple that with the harsher weather—dry and windy air pulls the moisture right out of your strands, leaving them lifeless, bristle, and prone to static—and a good hair day seems far from reach. Thankfully, all hope is not lost if your hat hinders your hair. Here, top stylists share hairstyles that instantly hide those annoying woes.

Pull hair into a ponytail

Slick hair is in, especially when it comes to pulled-back ponytails. Take advantage of the lack of volume and rock this red-carpet style. Once you take off your hat, pull all of your strands back clean and tight. “Use a little water and a small amount of gel,” suggests Tina Dizon, founder and lead hairstylist at The Private Room in Beverly Hills. “Add a little hairspray and—voila!—you're ready for the rest of your day!”

Rock a topknot

This hairstyle might have picked up steam a few years ago, but stylists agree that it’s still in. “Gather all of the hair up at the crown of your head, secure it with an elastic, and then gently pull out a few strands around the hairline,” explains Dizon. “Then, loosely twist the ponytail down toward the scalp and bobby pin for the look you want.” The best part: a little static adds to the effortlessly-chic look.

Do a simple braid

Simple is super-stylish when it comes to a standard side braid (think Belle, aka Emma Watson, in Beauty and the Beast). “Gather all the hair to one side and slightly tease the whole section before braiding,” explains Dizon. “Separate it into three sections and braid strands to that side.” You can pull out a few face-framing strands to make the look a bit more carefree.

Tease your roots

After commuting in a hat, your hair will inevitably fall flat. Meaghan Frayne, senior stylist at Angelo David Salon in NYC, recommends teasing your roots with a quality bristle brush to create volume. “Nylon bristles easily comb through hair, while boar bristles distribute oils,” she adds. Pull strands up and gently brush toward your roots for instant oomph. Use a medium-hold hairspray to smooth flyaways, she says.