How To Get The Perfect Brushed-Out Brows, According To A NYFW Makeup Artist

Photo: @jgeason

From floral hair appliques to lip gloss-coated eyelids, there was plenty of beauty at New York Fashion Week worth talking about. But the one trend that seemed to be all over the runways had us breathing a sigh of relief. Despite what Rihanna’s French Vogue cover had us believing for a minute, thin brows are not making any sort of comeback. Thankfully, this season was still all about brushed-out feather brows.

Bold brows showed up runways at Brock Collection, Christian Cowan, and Brandon Maxwell, among many others, over the course of the seven-day sartorial event, which had me — a lifelong member of the bold brows club way before they were cool — wondering how I could get the perfectly groomed look for myself. To find out, I chatted with Janell Geason, a global makeup artist for Aveda, backstage at Tome.

“I don’t feel like brows are going away, even though we’re going ‘90s with everything else,” Geason confirms. Her trick to arches that look natural instead of penciled in: Scrape some of your brow pencil onto your shadow brush, and then brush it through brows. She explains that this makes the finished look appear more like the real thing and won’t leave behind any clumps or obvious lines.

No brow pencil? No problem. “You can even do the same thing with a brown eyeliner and spoolie brush,” she says. Coat your spoolie with the liner by rolling it over the pencil tip a few times, then brush brows upwards to give them a more feathered look. The same technique can be done with a brown mascara if you have one handy.

For the Tome show, Geason created the natural makeup looks using exclusively Aveda products. Some worth adding to your own arsenal? The brand’s Mosscara Thickening Mascara ($20) and the Petal Essence Eye Definer ($19), both of which can be used on brows. Because who doesn’t love a little bit of double duty beauty?

Now, BRB, I need to go cancel my waxing appointment.