Jane Seymour, 67, Shares Her Stay-Young Secrets

Jane seymour anti-aging secrets

If there’s one quality that’s possessed by most celebrities, it’s the uncanny ability to age well. Seriously, in Hollywood, 60 is the new 30 so it seems. And, while we know that A-listers have access to an unlimited amount of anti-aging and cosmetic treatments, it’s always a surprise to learn that, for some of the most beautiful and beloved stars, their stay-young solutions are quite simple. If there’s one celeb to model your anti-aging regimen off of, let it be Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star Jane Seymour, who is straight-up sizzling at age 67 years old. She posed for Playboy for the third time this February and is serving up some seriously-sexy scenes in her new film Mistrust. We had the chance to sit down with the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress and learn what keeps her looking and feeling her best as she ages.

A multi-step skin care regimen

According to Seymour, a multi-step regimen is key. She cleanses, exfoliates, and then applies a night cream every night. Depending on her skin’s needs at the time, she’ll also either do an exfoliating treatment or she’ll use a face mask or rich cream. Her last step is applying Crepe Erase, which she says is her saving grace to removing crepey-looking skin caused by sun damage during her younger years. “I put it all over my body — even on my heels, so that when I wake up in the morning, I look like I just walked out of a great pedicure,” she says. “In the morning, I don’t have as much time, so I exfoliate my body, put the Crepe Erase all over, exfoliate my face, and apply a cream moisturizer followed by either an SPF cream and some makeup or just some makeup with SPF in it.”

Sun protection

We all know to stay out of the sun if we want to age gracefully, and Seymour stresses the importance of sun protection. “I was the ultra-tan gal, always wondering how you can tan faster. I might as well had poured a frying pan full of fat oil all over my body and then a reflector board,” she says. “Actually [actor] George Hamilton did spend some time with me back in my youth and insisted when I lay by his pool that I had a reflector board and the tan-quickly stuff on, but somehow or other I got the message that’s not a good idea.”

Avoiding diets

As surprising as it may sound, given her gorgeous figure, Seymour is not a fan of diets. Instead, she eats everything in moderation. “If I want to eat something unhealthy, I just taste some of it — I don’t eat the whole plate. If I want a key lime pie, I just have one bite, and my brain and my body are satisfied knowing we aren’t on a diet but we also didn’t miss out on a special occasion,” she says. “It’s the same way you’d have a glass of champagne instead of the whole bottle!”

Toning workouts

Seymour's go-to workouts include pilates and spinning with light weights. “I’m on the road a lot, so sometimes I don’t have more than 15 to 20 minutes to try and keep myself healthy,” she says. In these cases, she owes her fit figure to walking. “If I’m not wearing heels, I’ll do some fast walking to wherever it is I have to go.”

Eating differently at night

The actress always tries to eat at least three hours before she goes to bed. “I used to have terrible acid reflux and the doctor kept giving me different pills to take. And one day I just threw them all out and just had enough and decided to tilt my bed and stop eating at 7 p.m.” Since then, she’s had no incidence of acid reflux that she can recall. “If you are going to eat late at night, don’t eat spicy and don’t eat tomatoes and don’t drink coffee,” she adds. “Or, if you are going out to dinner and it’s a social thing and you want to be there, just eat lightly. I mean no one is actually looking to see how much you are eating, its more about the conversation and having a good time.”