Katie Holmes Shows Off Her Stomach Stretch Marks In Unedited New Photos

Katie Holmes

Few things are more refreshing than celebrities sharing unedited pics. Katie Holmes is the latest to jump on the bandwagon, proving what we already know but so often forget: Even the most stunning Hollywood stars have so called “imperfections.” Holmes posted behind-the-scenes snaps from a photoshoot in which she bared her stretch marks in a sexy blazer and bra combo.

The 40-year-old actress and mom shared two pictures from the set of her recent Vogue Australia photo shoot. In the images, she's posed in front of a couch wearing an open, black blazer revealing a black bra, paired with silky black pants. The second photo shows Holmes looking at the camera straight on with her hands on her hips, showing off the stretch marks around her tummy.

” it is wonderful to be working today with such amazing women!” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Of course, it's not surprising that fans are praising the actress keeping it real on social media. “Love how beautiful and natural you are with your body. You aren’t afraid to show your body exactly how it is ❤️,” one user commented.

Other fans called out the fact that most moms have similar stretch marks, commending her for not editing them out. “So bold!!” one fan wrote. “I love that you’re slightly showing the pregnancy warrior marks. You go girl!!!!” Another gushed: “I love your lioness stripes @katieholmes212 ❤️ true beauty of a mother.”

It looks like showing off your tiger stripes is becoming the norm on social media, with celebrities like Ashley Graham and Kourtney Kardashian having recently been praised for sharing unedited pics. It's amazing to see these women embracing their true selves, and it's clearly inspiring their fans to do the same.

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