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Kim Kardashian Considers Coloring Her Hair Red

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Kim Kardashian is known for her ever-evolving beauty look. The 37-year-old reality star introduced us to the transformative power of contouring makeup, strategically-placed highlighter, and peroxide. Thanks to her now signature platinum blond hair, we've almost forgotten what she looked like as a brunette.

On Tuesday night, Kim took to Twitter to engage with fans after one user asked her, “@KimKardashian does kanye prefer dark or blonde hair?” While she has previously admitted that her husband Kanye West prefers her as a blonde, she responded with “both,” setting off a series of questions about the future of her hair.

">January 10, 2018

When another user asked if she had plans of going dark again anytime soon, Kim explained that because her strands are newly bleached, she would have to wait a few weeks before she could change up the color. It's true, the pros will tell you that lightening your hair--especially to a platinum extreme like hers--compromises its integrity, so you should wait a couple of months before coloring it again.

She continued, “It will be years before I go blonde again so have to enjoy it.”

">January 10, 2018

Kim was also asked if she would ever try a shade we have yet to see her sport. “What do you think about this?” a user tweeted alongside a Photoshopped photo of her with bright red hair.

“OMG should I try a color?” Kim retweeted.

While we won’t hold our breath for shocking, just-from-the-salon paparazzi photos anytime soon, we’re all for a bold change. Like Kim, the fiery shade demands attention.

">January 10, 2018

">January 10, 2018