I Tried DIY Lash Extensions And It Was Much Easier Than Expected

diy lash extensions
diy lash extensions

Photo: @lashify

Lashify, a new system of DIY lash extensions, promises to make scoring longer lashes easier than ever — no expert application required. But just how easy it? Let’s find out.

I should start by saying that I am, quite possibly, the last person on Earth who would ever (or should ever) attempt any kind of DIY beauty treatment. Having been a beauty editor for over a decade, I’ve been spoiled with unlimited access to the best of the best professional services — a good thing, since I am fully incapable of beautifying myself. I may write stories about how to give yourself an at-home blowout, but I don’t even own a round brush. Even mundane tasks like nail filing always seem to go horribly awry.

Long story short, I realized long ago that DIY beauty is just not my thing. That being said, when Lashify came across my desk, I immediately felt compelled to try it. Unclear as to why, but it probably has something to do with the fact that my lashes are pathetic and puny, and I’ll try anything to make them look longer.

The first-of-its kind system, Lashify uses an exclusive type of fake lash that’s handmade in Korea using a synthetic silk fiber. Completely unlike other faux lashes, these are meant to be applied underneath the lash line (rather than on top) and adhere to your natural lashes, as opposed to on the skin. Application is as easy to master as using mascara…or so they say.

diy lash extensions
diy lash extensions

The Lashify Control Kit ($125) comes with two lash cartridges, a bonding glue, a top coat, and an application tool. Step one: Brush the bond on the underside of your lashes, starting at the root and stopping before the tip. The dual-sided wand comes with both a clear and black version of the adhesive (the latter of which is supposed to make for a more dramatic result, though to be honest, I didn’t notice much of a difference between the two). That part was in fact as easy as using mascara, and I felt very confident moving into step two.

The lashes come in tiny bundles, which you pick up using the tool — a tweezer-like implement with a long, curved tip — and stick onto the underside of your lashes. It took me a minute to get the placement just right, though the step-by-step directions, complete with illustrations on the website made it much easier. While the lashes stick to the glue immediately, you then clamp them, using the same tool, to fuse the extensions to your natural lashes. Again, a little awkward at first, but almost like clamping your lashes in an eyelash curler, no biggie. The final step is swiping on the clear top coat, which seals everything and removes any leftover stickiness from the bond. Super easy.

diy lash extensions

Photo: Lashify
diy lash extensions

Photo: Lashify

All in all, the entire process took me about 15 minutes — and I could see it taking much less time once you figure out how to manipulate and position the lashes, which is definitely the most important step. The end result? A much more natural look than any other faux fringe I’ve ever worn. Admittedly, these particular lashes were a bit long for my taste, though, so I’d probably try shorter ones next time. The lashes come in three different styles and four different length options, so you can mix and match as you want. There’s also a convenient Lashify X monthly membership that includes four lash sets for $39.95.

And, yes, I said next time. I can see myself making these a part of my “special occasion” makeup routine. Most importantly for me, they felt completely natural — not heavy or stiff — and my sensitive eyes had no issue with the glue. I left mine on for about a day, though depending how much glue you use, the extensions can last for up to a week (just be careful when washing your face and avoid oil-based cleansers). Once you’re ready to take them off, an oil-based, waterproof eye makeup remover is all you need. Mine came off easily, without taking any of my natural lashes with them. After this experience, maybe there is some hope for my DIY abilities after all…

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