Psychedelic Lava Lamp Nail Art Is Trending And We Can’t Look Away

Talk about a blast from the past. Lava lamps were peak '90s cool — everyone had one (or begged for one) in their bedroom. The hypnotic light fixtures mesmerized us with their floating, glowing goop. Fast forward to modern day, and the fad appears to be back in the most unexpected way. Nail artists are creating miniature versions of the groovy trend, and it's completely exploding on Instagram.

It all started when nail artist Liam Peter shared his lava lamp-inspired creation on his feed, a stunning design that looks just like the real thing. “Let's start a trend!” the artist wrote in the caption. “Have wanted to do something like this for like a year and finally did it.” Peter also gave a deserving nod to a set of aquarium nails by @yaaas_get_nailed, which he says served as a major inspiration.

In his post, Peter divulged that he used The Gelbottle Inc. Cosmopolitan (a sheer pink) and Bellini (a creamy orange) polishes to create the look. Sharing a bit more about the design, he told Allure: “Layering jelly and neon gel polishes gives depth and makes it seem as though the blobs are really flowing around.”

Peter continued, “The real star, though, is the sunlight. Just like with holographic effects, these come alive when the sun hits the nail.”

Nail are fans are freaking out by the detailed design, with one writing “This is so next level.” Another added praised Peter's skill, commenting, “You are such a visionary!”

If you're craving even more direction, check out this helpful YouTube tutorial. Or, if you just want to look, here a few other lava lamp looks that we can't stop staring at.

Fellow artists all over social media are creating their own versions of the trend, including this incredible design from @rainbownails_ that features actual moving pieces. Mind = blown.

This version is a French manicure-inspired take on the trend.

Minimalists can enjoy lava map nails, too.

These are just insanely cool.

This one is giving us Goosebumps vibes.

Finally, a neon design that definitely catches the eye.

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