This Lisa Frank Manicure Will Overwhelm You With ’90s Nostalgia

lisa frank nail art

Nineties fever is everywhere in current pop culture, from music to fashion and beauty. Case in point: The second coming of JNCO jeans. But if you're not so keen on grunge style, then Lisa Frank nail art might be your way to lean in on the nostalgia.

Brooklyn-based nail artist Savannah Walker recently posted a photo of her Lisa Frank-inspired manicure and it's oozing with teen spirit. Walker's design features the same rainbow of colors and mesmerizing animal characters that Lisa Frank is known for, specifically the super cute sea lion and smiling dolphin.

“The only thing that would make these trapper keeper gems more authentic is if I were to write my crushes name on the underside of them,” Walker wrote on Instagram. Hah, so true. It's no doubt indistinguishable, obviously outlandish, and guaranteed to overwhelm you with childhood memories. See for yourself:

In her caption, Walker also revealed that she painted the Lisa Frank nail art herself — and that it took her seven hours to complete. “This set took me 7 hours, I painted them over the course of 4 sessions,” she wrote. “I wish I could wear them forever.”

She broke down the look further for Allure: “I've done a rainbow leopard situation before, but this set is next-level. I had been wanting to do Lisa Frank nails for some time and I just finally had the confidence and time to try it,” the artist told the magazine. She used potted gel as well as pure powder pigments to ensure she got the colors just right, which we can confirm she absolutely did.

Turns out, the Lisa Frank fandom is alive. Since it was shared five days ago, the nail art post has over 4,000 likes and a number of comments. “10 [year-old] me just freaked,” wrote one fan. Another commented, “Lisa Frank never goes out of style!”

Though Lisa Frank Inc. discontinued production over a decade ago, the concept lives on through a number of small companies. Glamour Dolls created a limited edition Lisa Frank makeup collection in 2017, while Target teamed up with Lisa Frank to launch a nostalgic line of pajamas. You can also find Lisa Frank slip-on sneakers and high-tops, as well as adult coloring books and office supplies online.

Plus, a recent post on the brand's official Instagram account teases its return, though only time will tell.

But Walker's Lisa Frank nail art is just one of her many vibrant, ultra-detailed creations. She recently posted a look featuring Scar from The Lion King and Ursula from The Little Mermaid, further solidifying our immediate need for a '90s manicure.

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