Lush Releases Super Suggestive Bath Bombs For Valentine’s Day

lush eggplant emoji

If your idea of Valentine’s Day involves setting aside some time for self-love, Lush has the perfect gift for you. The brand has released a special collection of bath bombs, bubble bars, and massage bars that are shaped like some of the most sexually suggestive emojis. This includes an eggplant emoji bath bomb, peach bath bomb, banana massage bar, and number six bubble bar (flip it over and, well, you get the point).

“When words fail us, emojis save the day. So if you're struggling to find the right words for your Valentine this year, this fab fizzer will say it all!” the website reads. Cheeky, right?

Here’s the thing: While these products are obviously intended to be used in the tub, doctors are already cautioning people against using them as a sex toy. With all kinds of bizarre things in the news lately, this comes as no surprise. And as some social media users point out, someone is bound to try it.

Like latte art, the explosive products are perfectly engineered to be photographed. As they break down, the bombs release swirls of color, glitter, and sudsy bubbles. While certainly pretty, these are not things you want inside of your vagina. As Vaness Mackay, MD, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told Metro: “We would strongly discourage the use of bath bombs internally as these could disturb the fragile balance of good bacteria inside the vagina.” This could lead to irritation, inflammation, and infection, such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush.

Look, this may sound obvious, but enjoy these emoji bath bombs for what they are: a fun Instagram opp. There are plenty of legitimate sex toys out there to help you achieve the Big O.

eggplant emoji bath bomb

Eggplant Bath Bomb ($7;

Peachy Bath Bomb ($7;

Big Banana Massage Bar ($8;

Six Reusable Bubble Bar ($7;