Miley Cyrus Transformed Back Into Hannah Montana With This Major Hair Makeover

Miley Cyrus

Remember when Miley Cyrus played Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel? Before becoming a major pop star herself, the singer-songwriter played one on TV. Now, eight years after the show ended, Cyrus has channeled her alter ego by dying her hair platinum blonde and adding blunt bangs to replicate the character’s appearance. It's almost as if no time has passed.

Last night, Cyrus took to social media to reveal the major hair makeover, sharing the process in her Instagram Stories. “You know guys, it was so hard going back and forth that I decided I’ll just be Hannah forever,” she said. Another clip shows her singing along to show’s theme song, “Best of Both Worlds,” while driving.

Okay, before you start saying it’s a wig, hear us out. This transformation seems to be the real deal. “#NoFilter #NoWig ALL ME!” Cyrus captioned a shot of the finished look. Plus, her stories show the entire process – foils and all — courtesy of Justin Anderson and Sally Hershberger. “Just banged Miley,” Hershberger confirmed on Instagram.

Miley cyrus

The look is a striking contrast to what we’ve come to expect from Cyrus, who has a fiercely idiosyncratic style, so maybe there’s a secret project in the works. After all, it is the year of Disney teen star comebacks. The Jonas Brothers released new music, Drake and Josh are reuniting, and a High School Musical 4 is in the works (though, sadly, none of the original cast are returning).

Whatever the case, we’re here for the nostalgia. Plus, going blonde for spring is never a bad idea.