Nail Hair Is The Nail Art Trend No One Needs

nail hair

When it comes to nail art, there are the looks we love (sweater nails!), the looks we love to hate (colored pencil nails!), and the looks we hate with a passion. Enter nail hair. Yes, you read that right. It’s the latest nail art trend to show up on our Instagram feeds, bringing our mindless scrolls to an abrupt stop. WTF.

We have so many questions. How do you eat? How to do you scratch an itch? Do you have to shampoo and condition your fingers?


Of course, we had to dig deeper. While this isn't a full-blown trend, by any means, a quick search shows some cringeworthy results. One timelapse video, posted by Moscow-based nail art studio Nail Sunny, details how the look is achieved, should you want to attempt it at home. Using manicure scissors, synthetic hair extensions are cut to fit the width of the nail beds and brushed through with a spoolie to remove kinks. After the nails are painted with a base color that closely resembles the color of the hair, the extensions are then adhered to the tips of nails.

One post even shows fingertip fuzz being styled with a flat iron. Cringing yet? Check out more below.

Honestly, this may be the most bizarre beauty look we've seen yet, though nose hair extensions in a come close second.