Naomi Campbell Has The Most Intense Airplane Routine


As a 49-year-old supermodel who's been in the game for decades, Naomi Campbell has spent a decent amount of time traveling the world. Now, in a new YouTube video, the fashion legend takes fans along on a flight to Doha, Qatar, showing us all the steps she takes to make travel as comfortable as possible. “Come fly with me and see how I manage those long days and stay happy and healthy while in transit,” she wrote in an Instagram post about the video.

As to be expected, her overall experience is more luxurious than, say, traveling in economy class. But Campbell shares a lot of surprisingly realistic rituals and helpful travel tips. She begins by traversing the airport's convenience store for snacks and magazines, where she grabs a bag of Twix bars (“I'm getting this and I don't care,” she says) and marvels as the diversity of magazine covers. “This is amazing, look at this. Zendaya, Indya [Moore], Liya [Kebede],” she gushes as she's browsing. “It’s incredible.” She also stops at a beauty supply store to try on lip gloss, natch.

Once on the plane, Campbell shows off her rigorous skin care routine, which she calls her “hydration pack,” as she points to a bag of face masks. “Everything’s for hydration when I get on a plane,” she says, which makes sense as airplanes are known to zap moisture from your skin.

But the best part of her airplane routine is her commitment to hygiene. Before she even sits down in her seat, Campbell busts out a pair of latex gloves and wipes down the entire area around her, including the window and air vents. “This is what I do on every plane I get on,” she says as she scrubs, “I do not care what people think of me.” Her last step is placing a bright pink seat cover on her chair and donning a face mask over her mouth. Hopefully Naomi also wiped down the bathroom, since according to experts, that's the most germ-filled area on a plane.

Campbell ends the video by attributing her health and wellness to rituals like this, and honestly, her commitment is impressive. Not only that, but these are steps that the average person can take while traveling — I know I will. Watch the video in full below.