How To Wear The 3 Most Popular Beauty Looks From Pinterest

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The year may still be young, but 2019 has already seen plenty of hot new beauty trends. And what's especially exciting is that there's something for everyone, from subtle makeup and chic haircuts to grown-up glitter and colorful teeth. Ahead, how to get in on three of most popular beauty looks, according to Pinterest, plus the best products to help you do so.


Glossy Makeup

It’s all about a high-shine finish, and not just on expected spots like your lips. Glossy skin is here to stay, and there are several easy ways to achieve the look. To score a pretty glow all-over your complexion, try New York City-based makeup artist and beauty expert Neil Scibelli’s go-to trick and layer a few drops of face oil both underneath and on top of your foundation. You can also mix a few drops of oil directly into your base and buff it on with a BeautyBlender for a similar effect, he says. One to try: Go To Face Hero ($34;

Another technique: Dab an iridescent cream highlighter, like Nudestix Magnetic Nude Gimmer Highlighter ($28;, on the cheekbones, above your temples, and down the bridge of your nose. “This will reflect light in those spots creating that glossy finish,” he explains. Your eyes are another great spot to add some shine; eye glosses pack a pretty punch of wet-looking sheen (and are super easy to dab on with your fingertips, no extra tools required). One of our faves: Surratt Beauty Lid Lacquer ($36;


Lilac Hair

Pastel hair hues have been big for a while, but currently it’s soft and subtle lilac that’s the star of the show. “Because lilac has both warm and cool undertones, it’s very wearable and works on most skin tones,” points out Stephanie Brown, New York City master colorist at IGK Soho. It works best on naturally lighter 9think blonde or platinum hair and looks especially pretty layered over highlights for a more subtle effect.

If you’re not ready to fully commit, you can easily try the trend at home — in a much less permanent way. Brown suggests mixing Manic Panic Velvet Violet Creamtone Semi-Permanent Hair Cream ($14; with a little bit of conditioner for a subtle touch of lilac color that will gradually wash out.


Bright Lips

Bold lips are back in a big way. “I think these statement lips have been trending because they really reflect one's individuality. I love that we're seeing makeup and color as an extension of your personality,” says Scibelli. And while sure, there’s no shortage of vibrant hues to choose from, if you’re hesitant about rocking such a dramatic look, a good way to try the trend is simply to find a hue closest to your natural lip color and bump it up a few shades, suggests Scibelli.

In other words, the color doesn’t have to be super bright to be bold. If you’re sticking with a more natural color, you can also choose one with a more intense or shiny finish to pack an extra punch, like the CoverGirl Melting Pout Vinyl Vow in Caught Up ($11; And if you do want to go full-on bright, we’re fans of the electric shades of the 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick ($30;