The Cosmetic Treatments Celebrities Seek To Look Flawless Without Plastic Surgery

popular celebrity beauty treatments

We all know that celebs spend hours at the hands of a glam squad prepping for big events—and usually, they share the entire process via Instagram story. What you may not realize, though, is that the process of getting red-carpet-ready starts long before they’re seated in the hair and makeup chair. In fact, it can take weeks to get them looking so flawless. In addition to cosmetics, blowouts, manicures, and hush-hush facials, more and more celebrities are turning to cosmetic treatments before stepping out in front of the flashbulbs.

Unlike full-on plastic surgery, these treatments traditionally don’t have much downtime and are done at the hands of a dermatologist instead of a surgeon. Still, they can help enhance a person's appearance in a more permanent way than with makeup and skin care alone, and when combined can make a real difference. To find out what Hollywood’s gorgeous girls are doing to make themselves look so damn good, I connected with the team at RealSelf. They shared some of the minimally invasive treatments that spike ahead of big events. And the best part? They are all shockingly accessible—even for those of us who don’t live anywhere near Hollywood Blvd.

For dark circles: Injectable fillers

An eye cream and under-eye concealer can work wonders on dark circles, but there’s a fast fix that can make a big difference in only one appointment. New York Plastic Surgeon Lara Devgan, MD, calls injectable under-eye fillers the “best kept secret of Hollywood.” Stars like Mara Teigen and Katy Perry have undergone the treatment, and Perry told Refinery 29 that she’d recommend it to “everyone who wants a solution for their dark circles.” That’s because it gives you an airbrushed look, almost as if you were wearing a great concealer. During the treatment, Dr. Devgnan injects three to four syringes of filler via either a microdroplet insertion, which is more precise, or a cannula injection, which is more comfortable and results in less bruising. Though the downtime is minimal, you should leave two to three weeks after your injections before any big event, just in case.

For a brighter smile: Zoom Whitening

They don’t call it the “Hollywood Smile” for nothing. Many stars committed to keeping their pearly whites, well, white, swear by Zoom Whitening. The treatment is a go-to for celebrity dentist Victoria Veytsman, DDS, whose client list includes models Hailey Baldwin and Karlie Kloss. The procedure involves hydrogen peroxide and UV lamps, which bleach your teeth but don’t do any structural damage. It lasts about an hour from start to finish and can make a difference of up to eight shades in color. There’s no downtime, so many major names come into her office a few days before an award show for touch-ups.

For glowing skin: Hyrdafacial

When it comes to the dewy, glowing skin celebs are known for, it’s all about hydration, hydration, hydration. Enter the “Hydrafacial” from celeb aesthetician Graceanne Svendsen, which hydrates skin and improves its texture. It combines cleansing, exfoliation and extraction–along with antioxidant protection—to help with the appearance of wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation, and brown spots. Plus, who doesn’t love the treat of a facial before a big event?

For Less Lines: Botox

Botox is nothing new, but it’s being put to bigger and better uses than ever before—especially among the celeb set. Not only does the botulinum toxin help get rid of wrinkles, but according to celeb dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, it can also help decrease sweat and oils in the skin, which helps minimize the appearance of your pores. Need more proof about the wonders this stuff can work? When fans praised Kelly Ripa for her glowy skin last October, she gave Botox full credit for her look: “And for everyone saying such nice things, I just got Botox on Friday, and you just can’t beat fresh Bo.” Preach, girl.

For better brows: Microblading

Regardless of how you feel about feather or halo brows, there’s at least one brow trend from the last year we can all get behind: Microblading. The process involves hair-shaped 3D tattoos that make your brows look fuller—but in a natural-looking way. Gymnast Simone Biles had her brows microbladed last year and shared how much she loved the outcome on Instagram. One Glam editor even tried it for herself, and called the results “lifechanging.” The results can last for one to three years, and require touch ups every year or so to keep ‘em looking fresh.