The Rainbow Manicure Is The Perfect Trend For Indecisive People

rainbow manicures

Is there anything more overwhelming than standing in front of the giant nail polish wall at the salon? And once you do finally manage to pick one, there's inevitably a pang of regret later, when you look down at your nude nails and wish you had been adventurous enough for the bright purple shade. If this sounds all too familiar, you have to try the latest trend: the rainbow manicure.

The nail trend has been cropping up all over Instagram and involves selecting a different color polish for each nail. (Elle calls it the “Skittles Manicure”, which is definitely fitting.) And sure, it might sound like the result of a 5 year old getting into their mother's nail polish collection, but it's actually surprisingly chic. People are creating mini color stories on their hands, and the finished look is so aesthetically pleasing.

Some opt for a different shade from a single color family, like an array of orangey-pink hues or on-trend green tones, while others choose surprising shades that you might never think to put together. The spectrum is all over the place, and the option are endless. Also nice? The rainbow manicure is one trend you can totally master at home, finally putting all those polishes you bought to good use.

Take a look through some of the best rainbow manicures on Instagram and be inspired for your next mani appointment. You'll never want to go nude again.

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