The Skin Care Lines From Celebrity Estheticians That Are Worth Trying

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celebrity estheticians

Photo: Joanna Vargas/iStock

They’re responsible for the glowing and flawless complexions of A-listers, but most of us can’t just call and get an appointment for a facial with a celebrity esthetician. What you can do is the next best thing: Take matters into your own hands and use the products from their eponymous lines at home. Here, six cult-fave skin care collections from celebrity estheticians, plus what to try from each.

celebrity estheticians

Mila Moursi

Celebs like Courtney Cox and Chelsea Handler rely on Moursi to keep their complexions clear and radiant. Known for her unique facial massaging technique, Moursi also has her own line of products, with everything from toners to masks.

Our Pick:Mila Moursi Oxy Cellular Renewal Cream ($220; packs oxygen into the skin for brightening benefits while anti-aging peptides and stem cell cultures do the whole skin-renewing thing. And it’s all in a lusciously whipped texture that strikes the perfect balance between being hydrating, but not heavy, and pleasantly scented, but not overly so.

celebrity estheticians

Christine Chin

This NYC-based esthetician is known for her no-nonsense approach (some devotees call her ‘Mean Christine’), and her eponymous product line is similarly straightforward. Think a range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, and exfoliators, all with to-the-point, effective ingredients.

Our Pick:Christine Chin Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($28;, which is soap-free yet still foams nicely, a good option for sensitive types. Other soothing ingredients — panthenol and allatonin — calm skin and keep it hydrated. But don’t worry, it still removes every last trace of makeup and other grime.

celebrity estheticians

Joanna Vargas

Stars like Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, and Rachel Weisz are on Vargas’ client list, but even us regular people can benefit from her skin care expertise, thanks to her extensive line-up of products, which is constantly growing and expanding.

Our Pick:Joanna Vargas Daily Serum ($85;, which Vargas calls a, “green juice for your skin.” There are, in fact, mineral-rich greens in it to help promote lymphatic drainage (great for fighting puffiness), plus hydrating hyaluronic acid.

celebrity estheticians

Elina Fedotova

Fedotova adopts a holistic approach in both her facials and her skin care line (she’s a cosmetic chemist, herbalist, and esthetician), sourcing all kinds of unique natural ingredients to create blends that truly deliver.

Our Pick:Elina’s Organics Oil Control Formula ($48; contains a mix of fulvic acid, white willow bark extract (the natural precursor to salicylic acid), soothing aloe, and detoxifying burdock root for a final formula that is equally effective at zapping large red pimples as it is clearing blackheads and tamping down shine. It’s a clear-skin must-have.

celebrity estheticians

Georgia Louise

She may be best known for creating the penis facial (Cate Blanchett is a fan), but Louise also has some of her own products, including both topical options and devices.

Our Pick: Reach for the Georgia Louise GloPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer ($165; when you need to prep your skin before a big event or on self-care Sunday. Step one: Choose one of her accompanying sheet masks, then put this on over it. Two electrodes deliver a galvanic current that boosts circulation and helps the ingredients better penetrate, leaving your skin looking like you just had a facial…after only 20 minutes.

celebrity estheticians

Nurse Jamie

You can’t scroll through Insta’ without seeing (at least) one Hollywood star singing the praises of this esthetician…and/or using her at-home products.

Our Pick: With a hexagon shape and 24 massaging stones, the Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massaging Roller ($69; is meant to replicate the techniques used in her signature facials to revive and lift your skin. A must after a late night or for any early morning.