The Best Products To Fight Stretch Marks

stretch mark cream

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Your body goes through a slew of exciting changes when you're pregnant and while it's miraculous to watch your body transform to accommodate the life growing inside of you, many of the side effects, (like swollen feet and stretch marks), might not be welcomed with the same enthusiasm and wonder. The truth of the matter is that unfortunately there's no way to completely ensure you're out of the clear when it comes to the latter, but there are little things you can do to prevent and minimize the arrival of pesky symptoms, like stretch marks.

In order to prevent and treat stretch marks, it's important to understand what actually causes them in the first place. Your skin is more prone to stretch marks when it's dry or quickly stretches, which can occur due to rapid weight gain and/or during pregnancy and puberty. While exercising and drinking lots of water can help prevent the appearance of stretch marks, there are also a slew of moisturizing products worth incorporating into your routine, (especially when you're expecting), that can support the elastin in your skin, both during and after pregnancy.

Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter; ($36,

Rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, the best-selling product can help build up your skin's strength and elasticity.

Bio Oil; ($16.99,

Not only is this hypoallergenic product affordable and recommended by dermatologists but beauty aficionado and mother-of-two Kim Kardashian used it during both her pregnancies. You can use it to prevent stretch marks and to minimize the appearance of existing marks.

Belli Beauty Elasticity Belly Oil; ($34,

This paraben-free oil contains Vitamin E, Gotu Kola, Lavender Oil, and Cocoa Butter to keep skin moisturized.

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy; $33.14,

If stretch marks do appear on your skin you can minimize their appearance with products that contain hyaluronic acid, like the Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy cream.

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter; $13,

This natural, fragrance-free formula contains Cocoa, Shea and Jojoba Butters to keep your belly soft and smooth.