Supermodel Secrets: Hair Tips From Molly Sims (Video)

supermodel skin secrets

We tend to envy models for many reasons, including their effortless style and good looks. Sure, they have a team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists on speed dial, but when her glam squad is away, Molly Sims doesn’t sweat it. After many years in the business, she’s learned the tricks and tips to keep her tresses in tip-top shape.

“Everyone always asks me about my hair, and they think that I have it done every single day, which is totally not true,” she says.

When it comes to styling, Sims prefers the “undone done” look. We call that model-off-duty hair, and it’s easier to get than you think.

In this episode of Supermodel Secrets, Sims sits down with us and reveals her must-have hair products and gives an easy-to-follow guide on how you can replicate her hairstyle at home. Watch and learn above.

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