These Are The Most Popular Holiday Beauty Looks On Pinterest

holiday beauty looks on pinterest

Looking for some festive beauty inspo? Look no further. We found four of the most popular holiday beauty looks on Pinterest, plus easy how-tos for each. Spoiler alert: Get ready to sparkle.


holiday beauty looks on Pinterest

Dark Berry Lips

Nothing against a classic red lip, but there’s something about a deep berry or wine hue that we find even more sophisticated. Also nice: Because it’s such a statement, you really don’t need a lot of other makeup. Keep the rest of your look fairly minimal — clean skin, nude eyes — and let your lips be the star of the show. Opt for a long-wearing formula, so you don’t have to worry about touch-ups. Try Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Believer ($7;; it’ll stay on all night long, no matter how many cookies you eat, egg nog you sip, or people you kiss under the mistletoe.


holiday beauty looks on pinterest

Metallic Foil Finish Eye Shadow

Think of these foiled metallic shadows as the grown-up version of glitter — fun and festive, without coming across as gaudy. In fact, pins for foil finish shadows are up 169 percent this season, proving their appeal. To get the look, start by swiping an eye shadow primer across your entire lid to help prevent creasing and increase staying power. Then, dab your choice of metallic color across the entire lid; we like the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot ($22;, which comes in eight glistening hues. (Bonus: These go on just as well with a brush as they do your fingertips.) Finish with deep black eyeliner on top and a few swipes of black mascara to define your eyes.



Shimmer Nails

Not only does a shimmery manicure look extra festive, but it will also last longer since shimmery or glittery polishes are stronger and less likely to chip than regular colors. Plus, there’s no shortage of options, no matter your polish preference. Prefer nude nails like those above? Choose a champagne shade, such as Essie Imported Bubbly ($9; Prefer darks? Try OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue ($10.50;, a glistening deep navy.


holiday beauty looks on pinterest

Gold Hair Pins

You don’t need a complicated style and loads of products to create a holiday hair look. Adding a few gold pins takes your ‘do from standard to special in, quite literally, seconds. There’s also no wrong way to do this, and it works no matter your hair texture or length. If you have shorter hair, cluster a few gold bobbi pins behind one ear. Try: Bachca Paris Bobby Pin Set ($7; If your hair is longer, twist it into a bun and secure with a U-shaped pin, like the Reed Clarke Gold 4” Hair Pin ($44;

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