This Nail Art Is A Striking Tribute To The Starbucks Holiday Cups

starbucks holiday cups

Beyond the holiday beverages, Starbucks has become known for their iconic holiday cups, a tradition dating back over twenty years. Starting in November, the coffee chain began rolling out this year’s four festive designs: “Flora” (holly leaves intended to mimic coffee cherries), “Stargyle” (a green sweater print with stars from the logo), “Espresso Houndstooth” (a creative twist on the Christmas blend espresso roast), and a simple striped cup.

Photo: Starbucks

Always a highly anticipated release, the seasonal cups quickly went viral, and as in years past, we’ve seen fans get seriously crafty, using them to create everything from ornaments to wreaths to string lights. But what we were most excited to stumble upon this year is nail art replicating the designs on each cup. Created by Lauren Wilkin, these nails are a striking tribute to the seasonal Starbucks cups and with just the right amount of holiday spirit to sport everyday.

“I’m a sucker for holiday music, decorations, etc., and having holiday designs on my nails during the season keeps me in a jolly mood,” Wilkin told GLAM. “When Starbucks came out with their new set of holidays cups, my first thought was, ‘Wow these would be such cool nail designs.’” Nothing like a cup of coffee to get your creative juices flowing, right?

Wilkin continued, “I am constantly looking for inspiration in unconventional places, and the designs were much different from any holiday nail art I had ever done in the past, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something new.” The end result: Four festive manis with different personalities (her favorite being the holly leaves).

Wilkin hand painted each of the designs using a thin nail striping brush and a mix of green, red, and white polishes by Morgan Taylor and Essie. Impressive, no doubt. The trick, she said, is a steady hand. So, if you’re attempting to recreate this look at home, just be sure to save the coffee for when your paint job is complete.

You’ll also need some serious patience. “You need the patience to practice the techniques over and over, because practice is what builds the skill,” she explained. “I will admit, I was pretty awful when I first started painting my nails back in 2013, but through patience and practice, I have been able to improve my skill.”

Wilkin, who also admits she was never very good at drawing or painting, took up nail art as a hobby to pass time in college. “I would look up designs on Pinterest and recreate them as often as I could,” she told us. “To me, nail art is very enjoyable and therapeutic, and it’s such a fun way to express yourself.” Working as a full-time tax consultant, she now looks forward to going home after a long day, painting her nails, and sharing her designs with the nail art community on Instagram, where she has over 10k followers.