Tie Dye Makeup Is More Proof The Trend Is Taking Over The World

tie dye makeup

It's official: Tie dye has infiltrated every corner of the earth. The colorful print has taken fashion, nail design, and even Starbucks drinks, so it's about time it enters the beauty space in bigger ways. Tie dye makeup first began appearing on runways and has slowly made its way to Instagram, where makeup artists are experimenting with psychedelic color schemes.

The first high fashion tie dye makeup appeared at Autumn 2019 Collina Strada show in New York City, where models wore pastel shadows that gave off a tie dye vibe. Makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench then used airbrushing techniques to create tie dye looks at Eckhaus Lattused in NYC.

Now, makeup artists all over the world are taking inspiration from tie dye, sharing their bright, colorful looks on social media. A gradient eye shadow look has become increasingly popular, but some are even taking the trend to the lips, creating colorful designs with liquid lipsticks.

The tie dye look isn't exactly easy to recreate, as it requires a lot of time and blending to get the gradient effect just right. It also calls for a seriously skilled artist, but there are tons of beauty tutorials on YouTube, like this one, to guide any brave attempt at home.

Keep scrolling for a look at some of the most impressive tie dye makeup looks.





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