Apparently, Toe Nail Art Is Trending For Summer

toe nail art

Between minimalist accents and intricate designs, nail art is still going strong. There have even been a few, um, out there looks, like these hairy nails that we still have nightmares about. But perhaps one of the most bizarre nail trends is making the rounds this summer: toe nail art. That's right, the nail art you know and love, but on your feet.

While it makes sense that this would be a thing in the summertime (when feet are exposed more than normal), it's still pretty weird, no? Even if you're baring your toes in flip flops, how many people are really staring at your feet? Is it a fetish thing? We have many questions.

The pedicure nail art looks that have emerged aren't as wacky as you might think, though. Many are designs we would happily wear on our fingernails. A simple search on Instagram will produce all the designs one could ever want (or not want).

Have a scroll through some of the standouts — and, if you're feeling courageous, try some out for yourself:

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