This Bizarre Unibrow Trend Might Actually Be The Trick For Perfect Brows


Many a beauty guru has said that the key to a perfected makeup look is a perfected brow. It's hard to disagree — after all, the eyebrows frame the face and are a main focal point when someone's looking at you. But with that said, achieving perfectly-groomed brows takes skill.

Thankfully, makeup enthusiasts on social media are always sharing helpful hacks, and some seem to have discovered a technique that might pave the way for a symmetrical set: painting on a unibrow.

Allow us to explain. Unlike many of the bizarre eyebrow trends of late (hello, halo brows), the unibrow hack is merely a temporary step in the process. The idea is that after the unibrow is drawn on, the middle is removed or hidden with foundation or concealer.

The result? Stencil-like symmetry on either side.

Because most people aren't blessed with effortlessly even brows, the unusual hack quickly went viral. To try it yourself, start by brushing out your brows with a spoolie. Using the product of your choice, fill in and define your brows the way you normally would, then extend your brows to meet each other in the middle. To finish, use a flat brush and some concealer to carefully cover the color connecting your brows.

To those with a more minimal approach to makeup, this probably seems like more trouble than it's worth. But if you're going to take the time to do a full beat, you might as well pay special attention to the brows. Right?

At the very least, the unibrow hack is pretty satisfying to watch.

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