This Nail Jewelry Is The Next Big Thing

nail jewelry

Photo: @unistella_jewelry

When it comes to nail art, there is one name to know: Eunkyung Park, commonly referred to as Unistella. Favored by celebrities and influencers, Park is perhaps the most sought-after manicurist in South Korea. Her designs have taken Instagram by storm, and she’s responsible for a handful of the top nail art trends in recent years, including wire nails, shattered glass, negative space manicures, and pierced nails (to name a few). It’s her latest creation, however, that has us truly mesmerized. In June, the artist debuted a new project: nail jewelry — and people can't seem to get their hands on it fast enough.

Inspired by the demand she saw for her wire nail art designs, Park set out to create nail accessories — ones you could take on and off at your convenience. “My idea for my nail jewelry line has been in the works for a long time. I've been thinking about this idea for a while and have been contemplating on the best way to create nail jewelry,” she told Bustle. The delicate rings, in gold or silver, with or without a jewel, rest on top of the nail. The designs, though simple, are incredibly intricate and require serious skill. Each ring is handmade and custom-fitted to the customer's hand.

Unfortunately, for now, you'll be hard-pressed to get a piece of Unistella Jewelry. The first collection dropped at Barney's The Drop, LA, with limited quantity and quickly sold out, unsurprisingly, as Park herself was there for custom fittings. “Since the rings are handmade, I've decided not to sell them online. I figured it would be a lot better for me to see your hands in person and make the best fit for you,” she wrote in anticipation of the event.

But there's still hope for those of us who missed out on this incredible Instagram opp: Park is currently in the process of trademarking her jewelry and plans to release a more universal collection for online purchase this fall. In the meantime, we'll be working on getting our nails in tip-top condition.