Watch Men Hilariously Try To Name Common Beauty Products

common beauty products

“Full disclosure: I did not wake up like this,” says Emily Popp. “I require grooming products, like this [eyelash curler] to get my face on in the morning. But, would the average dude know what this is?”

Popp decided to set out on a street expedition to find out if men could name some common beauty products that women keep in their makeup bags. For the excursion, she was armed with an eyelash curler, foot file, toe separators, pore strips, and cuticle pushers.

Watch the video above for some of the funniest – and most creative – responses. Or, keep scrolling for the transcript.

common beauty products

Eyelash curler

“What do you think this is?” Popp asks a man, while holding up an eyelash curler.

Gesturing with his hands, he responds, “It’s something that would open a clam shell.”

While Popp enjoyed his attempt, this guy was obviously incorrect. But, not everybody fared so poorly. One of the men on the street correctly identified that the device is used for eyelashes.

Pore Strips

“Can you tell me what this is used for?” Popp asks another gentlemen, as she holds up a pore strip.

The man in question offers his best guess, but is ultimately incorrect when he says, “I don’t know, that looks like a bandaid-ish type of situation.” Which, to be fair, it does.

common beauty products

Foot File

When asked about the foot file, the majority of men asked believed that it was a miniature cheese grater. Clearly, this was incorrect. However, one man who has bunions himself knew that it was used on the feet:

“They’re quite bulbous. It runs in the family,” he says to Popp.

To that, Popp has a one-word response, “Gross.”

Cuticle Pushers

Often used for manicures, these wooden sticks left the guys stumped. “They look like big ol’ tool picks,” one guy says with a laugh. Another gentleman, giving his answer a little more thought, responds, “I know they’re not chop sticks.”

Toe Separators

While most women who have ever had a pedicure would know what toe separators are, the men surveyed had a much more difficult time naming the object.

“That looks like something to plug, like, a saxophone with,” one guy musters. “You know, the different keys on the saxophone or different holes on the saxophone.”

Watch the hilarious video above to see all of the ridiculous responses.