Women Are Celebrating Their Pregnancies With Ultrasound Manicures

Try using cuticle oil
Try using cuticle oil

Photo: @naglaralingsas Instagram

From maternity shoots to gender reveal parties, it seems women are getting more creative than ever when it comes to baby announcements. You can’t scroll through social media nowadays without seeing an elaborate cake, a colorful explosion or maybe even a decorated bump cast. The latest trend spotted on our feed? Ultrasound manicures.

Traditionally hung on the fridge or posted to Facebook, a lot of women are now getting ultrasound images of their unborn babies painted on their nails. The look takes a skilled nail artist with strong attention to detail, a few pregnancy-safe nail polish formulas, and in some cases, acrylic nails for added length. And while it may seem like the definition of #extra, if you ask us, ultrasound nails are actually a pretty discreet way for an expecting mother to honor the human being growing inside of her body.

“I think this trend will be very popular because it is such a precious time in the lives of moms and dads,” Florida-based nail artist Hui Hensley told TODAY Parents, noting that she starting receiving these requests a few months back. Pregnancy is no doubt cause for celebration, and this is a pretty special way to do so.

See for yourself below.