Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery To Mimic Meghan Markle’s Noble Nose

meghan markle

Meghan Markle has women around the world swooning over her every move. It’s hard not to be obsessed with the Duchess in all her style, grace, and undeniable beauty. But, in true American fashion, women are not just trying to emulate her fashion sense — they’re straight up trying to look more like her, as in changing their physical appearance permanently. According to recent reports, plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in the number of requests from patients to have their nose reconstructed to look just like Markle’s nose.

According to Phillip R. Langsdon, MD, facial plastic surgeon and president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, this is nothing new, as he’s witnessed this long-standing trend of patients coming in for nose job consultations clad with photos of their favorite celeb honkers. “Usually, there are common characteristics that are displayed — a smooth, straight bridge, no hump, not too wide, slight upturn of the tip, and certainly not overdone,” he says.

But what is it exactly about Markle’s nose, aside from the fact that it’s now noble, that has women flocking to the surgeon’s office? “She has a petite and refined tip and straight dorsal aesthetic lines, and her nose has an overall triangular shape, which is considered ideal,” says David Cangello MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon at Cangello Plastic Surgery in New York City. “Her proportions are nice, plus she has a very attractive and warm and friendly appearance in general, which makes her overall look admired.” Can’t argue that.

If you’re one of the thousands obsessing over Markle’s nose and are considering going under the knife so that yours looks more like hers, here are some considerations to make before setting up your consultation with a surgeon.

Find out if Markle’s nose is right for your face

It’s important to think about the shape of your face, as well as your other facial features, in order to figure out whether or not your current nose should be morphed into hers in the first place, explains Daria Hamrah, MD, with Nova Surgicare in McLean, VA. “If a patient comes to me with a specific request like that, I have to ask myself whether or not she would accept anything other than ‘exactly’ Meghan’s nose?” he says. “Can I ever make this patient happy? Are her expectations realistic? I am not so sure about that.”

Acknowledge the risks and potential cosmetic outcomes of this surgery

“In skilled hands, we’ve all seen that the procedure is extremely safe and can produce life-changing results for people who suffer with self-esteem issues related to the appearance of their nose,” says Dr. Cangello. “But patients should understand that, as with any surgical procedure, complications can occur, and we go over those so that patients understand exactly what they are getting themselves into.” Fortunately, complications are extremely rare and the risk of needing revision surgery is very low.

Know that an exact duplicate is unrealistic

If you think you can go into surgery and come out with results that full-on mirror Markle’s nose, know that it’s a total pipe dream. “What a patient can have done is limited by the bone, cartilage, and skin structure of that individual patient,” says Dr. Langsdon. This, he explains, will leave them with results that are more pleasing than what they started with and perhaps more in line with Meghan’s nose, but not an exact duplicate — or even close to it.