Wait, What? Women Are Rubbing Toothpaste On Their Breasts To Make Them Bigger

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Another day, another bizarre beauty trend that’s taking over the Internet. Health and beauty bloggers are once again tapping into women’s insecurities, encouraging them to slather toothpaste over their breasts to make them larger and less saggy. This is almost as bad as when we were encouraged to paint our vaginas in skin lightening creams (btw, please don’t).

As Metro pointed out, one YouTuber uploaded a video titled “Tighten Sagging Breast in Just 5 Days Using Toothpaste No Joke.” In the video, Edith of Naturalbeauty556 mixes up a homemade paste with toothpaste, flour, cucumber, and egg whites before massaging it over her chest, claiming it will tighten and firm breasts – “like really, really crazy.” The video has nearly eight million views.

What's more, a quick search will show that a slew of other videos points to a combo of toothpaste and Vaseline to increase the size of your breasts. I’m sorry, but seriously?

Before you go to Costco and buy Colgate in bulk, please consider this advice:

“There is no evidence that rubbing any topical substance — toothpaste, Vaseline, etc. — can make your breasts larger,” says Darren M. Smith, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC. “There are two scientifically accepted ways to make your breasts bigger, and neither of them come in Winter Fresh flavor.”

Those two techniques: breast implants and fat grafting. Breast implants, the most common approach, can be made of silicone or saline and are placed either under or over the chest muscles (pectoralis major) to increase breast size, Dr. Smith explains. Fat grafting is a newer procedure, he says, in which fat is harvested from elsewhere in the body and injected into the breasts to add volume. However, this technique is more popular for the derrière.

As for sagging? “Toiletries unfortunately can't help to tighten breast tissue either,” Dr. Smith confirms. While you may feel a temporary tightening or tingling effect, that’s only because toothpaste contains certain ingredients (baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol, detergents, etc.) that are known to dry out the skin. Any tightening sensation will wash away with the toothpaste.

Keep in mind that, as a result of body fluctuations, aging, and good ol’ gravity, breasts that start to sag are inevitable. Still, there are things you can to tighten and lift them. “To truly accomplish this goal, a procedure like a mastopexy (aka a breast lift) is used when there is severe sagging,” says Dr. Smith. For less extreme cases, energy-based devices can be used to heat deep into the skin and constrict collagen for a little lift.

Need more proof this toothpaste trick is bogus? Beauty blogger MakeUpMesha tried it, “like an idiot” (her words!), for 30 days and reported no results. The bottom line is that there is no miracle cream for bigger or perkier boobs. Enjoy the beauty of your body and save the toothpaste for your teeth.

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