10 Movies About Women We’re Excited For In 2018

IndieWire recently reported that only 15 major studio films directed by women are slated to be released in 2018 and 2019 combined. Despite this disturbing statistic, there are several projects certain to pass the Bechdel test coming down the pipeline, even if many of them are indie releases rather than big-budget blockbusters. Read on for ten movies focusing on women's experiences and starring some of our favorite Hollywood ladies that we're dying to watch this year.

A Wrinkle in Time, March 9

Based on the beloved children's book by the same name, this film follows a young woman named Meg on a mission to find her disappeared scientist father. It also stars Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling as a holy triumvirate of supernatural beings, and to be honest, we'd watch just for that.

Ocean's 8, June 8

We've already written at length about how stoked we are for this one, which stars literally every female celebrity you've ever loved (including Rihanna) and also takes place at the literal Met Gala, but we'll say it again: this looks good. Real good.

Proud Mary, January 12

Taraji P. Henson stars as Mary, a hit woman working for a Boston organized crime family, whose life changes when she meets a young boy during a hit gone wrong. Based on the trailer alone, there will be lots of bullets, stilettos, and attitude, and we're here for it all.

Lizzie, 2018

Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny's Lizzie Borden biopic will have its world premiere this month at Sundance, and while there's no word on when it will see a wide release, we're already looking forward to it. Sevigny plays Lizzie, a young woman famously accused of murdering her father and stepmother in 1892, while Stewart plays Bridget, the family's maid and Lizzie's supposed romantic partner.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post, 2018

Another Sundance pick, the Miseducation of Cameron Post is based on Emily M. Danforth's novel of the same name and stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Cameron, a young girl forced into a gay conversion therapy camp in 1993 after being caught having sex with the prom queen. We love a good coming-of-age drama, especially one that shines some light on the experiences of LGBTQ+ women.

Seeing Allred, Early 2018

After it debuts at Sundance, Netflix has said they'll release this documentary about Gloria Allred, pioneering women's rights lawyer, in early 2018, so you won't even have to trek to the theatre to learn about a contemporary feminist icon. Through interviews and archival footage, the film will focus on Allred's most high-profile cases, including those against Bill Cosby and Donald Trump, as well as her personal life.

Annihilation, February 23

While the sci-fi/horror genre doesn't have a great history of creating films that prominently feature women (not to mention women of color), this one stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, and Tessa Thompson. It also looks suspenseful, scary, and thought-provoking. Just maybe don't watch this one alone or before bed.

The Spy Who Dumped Me, August 3

Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis, two of our absolute favorite Hollywood women, co-star in this film about BFFs who find themselves wrapped up in an espionage adventure after finding out one of their exes is a spy. Sounds like Bad Moms meets Girls Trip meets James Bond. Can't wait.

Mary, Queen of Scots, November 2

You know those paparazzi shots of Margot Robbie with crazy red hair and bad skin? Yeah, those were for this. Robbie is following up her turn as Tonya Harding with a role as Queen Elizabeth I, while Saoirse Ronan will play the titular Mary Stuart. The film will focus on the rivalry and relationship between the two, taking place during a time when few women were in positions of power.

The Tale, 2018

Written and directed by Jennifer Fox and starring the inimitable Laura Dern, this Sundance pick focuses on Fox's own experience as an adult woman re-examining her first sexual encounter, which took place with two adult coaches.