13 Funny Women You Should Be Following on Instagram

Photo: Zoe Dubno

While Instagram can definitely feel like an overwhelming and endless scroll of random acquaintances sharing too many photos of their kids, annoying ex-boyfriends (it's time to grow up, Tom), amateur models who are hawking skinny tea, and celebrities you don’t remember following or necessarily care much about, there are inspiring feeds to tip-tap when you are in need of a mood boost. If you know who to follow, you can transform your feed from eye roll-inducing to laugh-out-loud funny—and that’s where these ladies come in. They deliver social fun in the form of memes, illustrations, ironic photos, and self-deprecating jokes. 


Okay, so no one ever explicitly said fashion girls aren’t funny, but they may have had their doubts. However, one glance at illustrator and former J. Crew designer Julie Houts’s 'gram should be enough to quell them. Houts’s sketches lambast everything from carb-induced self flagellation to fashion bloggers to everyone’s sudden obsession with unicorns, all while maintaining the glamorous aesthetic of traditional fashion illustrations.


Another charmingly self-deprecating illustrator, Arianna Margulis has made enough of an impression to garner a recent write-up in the New Yorker, but somehow, she and her cartoon alter ego manage to stay humble enough to, for example, be open about using the publicity to unsuccessfully attempt entry into exclusive NYFW parties. A girl after our own heart.


If you’ve ever LOL-ed at ridiculousness of a celebrity photoshoot or model on the spread of a glossy magazine, comedian Celeste Barber is for you. Parodying poses by the likes of Beyonce, Cindy Crawford, and Kylie Jenner, Barber has little success achieving the same airbrushed quality, instead reminding us that it’s all a (very funny, when you think about it) facade.


Despite being just 17 years old, illustrator Celeste Mountjoy has an impressive grasp on the various injustices that plague women of all ages, including (but not limited to) f*ckboys, imposter syndrome, drugs, anxiety, guilt, slut shaming, and the existence of Donald Trump. Her work has a bizarre, off-kilter quality and is full of the kind of disturbing truisms that keep you tossing and turning until 3 a.m. on Sunday nights.

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why'd i make this instead of doing any of these things. that's the real mystery

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The feminist meme community is a rabbit hole that is, in my opinion, worth falling down, and there are far worse places to start than with the work of Binny Debbie. Her “starter packs,” animal pics, and riffs on that now-infamous “distracted boyfriend” meme address surprisingly weighty topics like sexism, third-wave feminist theory, and living with depression.

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a friendly PSA as double rolled beanie season ends and skateboard wheels on concrete-induced whiplash season begins

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Another meme-maker, Dre uses the internet’s most accessible means of communication to do both the noble work of debunking sexism, racism, and homophobia as well as playfully mock millennial pastimes like using obscure internet slang, wearing chokers, and drinking far too much wine. Sound familiar? 

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Who wore it better? My physical earthly body OR my spiritual embodiment as German dream car?

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To follow artist Chloe Wise on Instagram is to be obsessed with her quirky sense of humor and absurdly aspirational existence, in which her best friends (who make frequent appearances in her content) are the likes of Eric Wareheim, Hari Nef, and Jeffrey Deitch. Luckily, she approaches life with the same playful attitude that she does her art, which makes watching her do things like walk the red carpet for “Master of None” fun, as opposed to annoying.


Perhaps you’ve heard of Angelica Hicks. Despite being just 24, the illustrator was recently tapped by Gucci to create a line of exclusive (not to mention expensive) t-shirts featuring her designs. The name of Hicks’s game is puns, especially those based on goings-on in the fashion world. On Graydon Carter’s departure from Vanity Fair: “I’m Gray-done Carter!” On the pervasiveness of septum piercings at NYFW: “Septum-ber.” You get the idea.

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I can be my own summer bummer, but thanks! And what happens in #degas stays in #degas.

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This account is art history meets texting meets existential woe, all thanks to April Eileen Henry, who has a knack for meme-ifying our collective angst. Topics include selfies, hitting rock bottom, the death of romance, and hating everything in your closet. It strikes an emotional chord, to be sure, but hey, at least the pictures are pretty.


Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni’s epic homage to Sex and the City’s style is a must-follow for SATC fans and vintage fashion lovers alike. Though, be warned: While you may remember Carrie and the girls as bona fide style icons (and to be fair, they still are), there’s a whole lot of bad haircuts, weird hemlines, and inexplicably exposed bras to be LOL-ed at here.


Anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship will appreciate Catana Chetwynd’s on-point cartoons about life after the honeymoon period. You know, that blissful time when you stop shaving your legs, start wearing your boyfriend’s oversized sweatshirt everywhere, and opt to eat half the food off his plate rather than getting your own. Be warned: Get ready to tag your S.O. in basically every post.

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“Oh wow the weather is nice today” “Is it? That's funny because it WASN'T NICE when you snitched on me to the agency LEAVE MY KITCHEN”

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Run by an anonymous model, five minutes spent on this account will put your closeted catwalk fantasies to bed once and for all. Despite containing mostly industry in-jokes that send up mean managers, lecherous photographers, and crappy model apartments, there’s plenty that’s relatable to the rest of us. After all, who hasn’t dealt with bad bosses, slimy dudes, and unfortunate housing? Plus, we don’t know how to pronounce “Yves Saint Laurent” without sounding like a tool either. 

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Internet heroine Zoe Dubno has stuff to say about Glossier, Gloria Steinem, fidget spinners, the infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial, and pretty much everything else you can imagine caring about or wanting to make fun of. But spoiler alert: She does it funnier than you, me, and everyone else on the ‘gram.