The Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of 2019, According To Google Searches

2019 popular Halloween costumes

We're almost a week out from Halloween, when last-minute costume panic ensues. But if you're still stuck for ideas, don't fear: Google Trends rounded up a handy list of 2019 popular Halloween costumes based on internet searches. Not only did the web giant provide the most highly-searched costumes, they also broke down the data even further, like telling us which states each search was most popular in, its trend history, and other fun facts.

And while you can definitely go all out with any of these ensembles, a lot of them can be thrown together the week before the big day. Of course, you can also totally come up with your own unique idea, and just let these serve as inspiration. Or, use this list to avoid matching outfits at your next costume party. Whatever you use it for, here they are: the most searched Halloween costumes in 2019.


It's no surprised this clocked in at number one. Clowns (specifically, scary clowns) are a classic Halloween costume, and given the recent release of IT: Chapter Two, it makes sense people would go as Pennywise this year.


Easy to pull together and classic, it's no wonder witch costumes topped the list of 2019 popular Halloween costumes.


The Marvel craze is clearly far from over.


Prehistoric Halloween, anyone? Not sure why exactly this topped the list, but those little t-rex arms always guarantee laughs.


Disney has been inspiring Halloween costumes for decades, and it looks like the trend is continuing with the musical-adventure film franchise, Descendants.


Again, you can't go wrong with a clown costume. It's also the perfect opportunity to experiment with Halloween makeup.


It should come as no surprise that the mega-popular video game is inspiring tons of Halloween looks this year.


The classic 1980s horror character will likely inspire Halloween looks for years to come. Of course, the 2019 release of Child's Play helped in this season's popularity.


Of all the popular Halloween costumes this year, this one might be the most versatile. A pop culture icon from the '80s? Big hair and blue eye shadow? Workout gear or sequinned mini dresses? The decade is your oyster.


For anyone who's not into the scary stuff, a unicorn costume is perfect.


Animal costumes make up 12 percent of searches, according to Google, and there's a high chance you'll see a rabbit on Halloween this year — and every year that follows.


Here's another popular Halloween costume that will never go out of style.

Stranger Things

An Eleven costume on Halloween? We've seen stranger things.


This one really needs no explanation, as its the ultimate last-minute costume. All you need is a set of ears.

Harley Quinn

The psychotic comic book character really does make for the perfect Halloween costume.


You have a lot to choose from with this one, but may we suggest Catwoman?

Toy Story

The ideal film for a fun family costume.


Channel your inner child and go as your favorite Disney Princess.

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