Where Are They Now: Your Favorite ’90s Heartthrobs (Video)

If you came of age in the ‘80s or ‘90s, it’s safe to say you probably spent a fair amount of time alone in your bedroom tearing out headshots from magazines like Teen Beat, YM, and Bop, drooling while feverishly constructing a collage of the disembodied heads of hair gel-soaked boys on your walls. You can probably even recall like it was yesterday, becoming irrationally angry with your grandmother for claiming the Hanson brothers looked like women “with all that long hair.” To be fair, they totally did, but the pre-teen heart likes what it likes and has zero time for differing opinions. While some of our former celebrity heartthrobs have aged gracefully and gone on to enjoy noteworthy careers (we’re looking at you, Leo), others have faded into obscurity. We checked in on our pre-teen obsessions to find out where they’re at—and of course, what they look like—now.