These Watercolor Paintings Made With Wine Are Intoxicating (Video)

wine paintings

We’ve seen awe-inspiring art made with smoothies and coffee, and now we’re intoxicated by paintings made with wine. Alfonso Aguirre is a Spanish watercolor artist, but unlike traditional watercolorists, he uses vino tinto (aka red wine) to create detailed and dynamic works of art. What started by accident, his technique has become highly precise and unique.

“I had a cup of wine and a [cup of] water from watercolor, and without looking, I dipped the brush, and I got it into the glass of wine,” he recalls. “I kept bringing it into the drawing, and I’m like, where is this color coming from? Why is it so pretty?” Aguirre soon began manipulating the wine to produce different shades from just one bottle, which he uses to create larger-than-life wine paintings that range from realism to abstract.

Watch how he uses wine to create his masterpieces above.