Amy Schumer Shares A Hilariously Relatable Photo Of Herself Breast Pumping

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is shaping up to be just as unfiltered in motherhood as she is in comedy. (As if anyone had any doubt.) The 37-year-old comedian and actress gave birth to her first child with husband Chris Fischer, Gene Attell Fischer, just two weeks ago, and she is clearly leaning into her new role, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post.

In the photo, Schumer is using an automatic breast pump while wearing a strapless breastfeeding shirt, one that appears to be DIY with small holes cutout around the nipples. She stared straight into the camera, unapologetic as ever, and captioned the image: “Guys what are we doing tonight? #schumerpump #ootd @stassischroeder.”

Schumer's caption is in reference to the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules, and she even tagged one of the show's stars, Stassie Schroeder. Schroeder clearly shares in Schumer's sense of humor, commenting on the post: “An OOTD for the ages.” Bravo host Andy Cohen also commented, “OOTD.”

Tons of others, including fellow moms, shared their support for Schumer's new phase of life and humorous approach. “Ooooo Lookout, she’s got her party pumps on!” wrote Rosebud Baker, co-host of the Two Less Lonely Girls podcast.

Amy Schumer is one of many celebrity moms who has chosen to showcase the realities of motherhood, breastfeeding/pumping in particular. Hilary Duff recently shared her emotional breastfeeding journey with her daughter, Banks, and Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez is not afraid to enjoy a glass of wine after breastfeeding her daughter, Ruth.

More and more, the facade of the “perfect mother” is being torn away. As Schumer's posts prove, motherhood is rarely glamorous, and that's perfectly okay. And though many may judge Schumer (and other moms) for their candidness, we'll always appreciate the realness.

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