Amy Schumer Is Giving Up Dirty Jokes As She Approaches Motherhood

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has long been known for her shrewd, no holds barred approach to comedy. But motherhood, she says, is going to change that.

In an exclusive video with E! News, Schumer says, “That's right, I'm done saying dirty things. It's just not who I am anymore. I know it's pretty weird to hear that from me, but get used to it because I'm basically already kind of an amazing mom.”

She goes on to explain that as the prepares to “squeeze the sweetest, giant skull out of my tiny, precious vag, and most likely take a dump in front of five doctors and my lover, I just want to steer clear of sharing overly personal details.”

Of course, she's still not taking herself too seriously — and less than a minute into the video, Schumer proceeds to throw up on herself mid-sentence. She hasn't been secretive about her struggles with hyperemesis throughout her pregnancy, a condition which causes severe nausea and vomiting and has landed her in the hospital four times. In a recent profile by The New York Times, she estimates that she's vomited 980 times. Yet, she can still find the humor in her situation. Classic Amy.

The video is part of the promotion for her new Netflix comedy special, Growing, which centers around the new chapter in Schumer's life: marriage, pregnancy, and the like. The funny woman married chef Chris Fischer in February 2018, just three months after they were publicly linked as a couple. “So you know it’s not a long courtship but it’s not like we had a great weekend in Vegas and threw in the towel,” she joked to People. Rumors about a pregnancy began shortly after the two wed and were later confirmed in October 2018.

Though her trademark crassness isn't not going anywhere, entering motherhood is inevitably impacting the direction her comedy takes. For instance, she doesn't stray from tackling the #MeToo movement in the special, but does so through a parent's lens. “I hope it’s a girl,” she says, “because it’s such a scary time for men.” Catch the sarcasm? Clearly she's not completely overhauling her personality.

“Comics say we used to be able to say this, and it was funny,” she told The Times. “That’s over, so evolve! I’m down to evolve.”

Growing will premiere on March 19th on Netflix.