Amy Schumer Wants To Make A Documentary About Her Challenging Pregnancy

Amy Schumer

Through her Netflix special Growing and her social media posts, which have been as real as it gets, Amy Schumer hasn't been one to shy away from sharing all the challenges and changes that she experienced during her pregnancy. Things were made even more complicated for the 38-year-old comedian given that she struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum, a pregnancy complication that causes severe nausea and vomiting.

“It's been pretty tough, I didn't know that pregnancies were such a bummer,” Schumer told Late Night host Seth Meyers at the time.

But now, she is celebrating the post-baby period with her precious boy. Since giving birth to her son in May of this year, the first-time mom has continued to be open about motherhood, with her signature humor always at the forefront. And apparently, she's teasing a possible docu series about her pregnancy and birth journey.

Earlier this week, Schumer shared a sweet photo of herself and three-month-old Gene on Instagram with the caption: “Would anyone be interested in seeing a docu series of my pregnancy and birth?” The response to the post is overwhelming, with fans as well as fellow celebs chiming in with their support.

“DUH GIRL” wrote reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. “It would be hilarious and inspiring… happy for you Schumer..” wrote fellow comedian Loni Love. “I would,” wrote Lala Anthony, accompanied by several hand-raising emojis.

Some followers, though, had a different opinion. “Not really, honestly,” reads a comment on Schumer's post. “I think you’re great, I just feel like it’s self serving and overdone. I’d like to see a documentary of you discovering your mate is diagnosed with autism and how you cope with the possibility that your child will be on the spectrum….”

“Hmmm, no…it’s ok to keep some things private and just family. That’s what makes the family bond special,” says another user.

But fans quickly swooped in to reassure Schumer that this is something people would watch. “All of these people saying 'no' need to chill. They're acting like they're being forced to watch it. I say go for it,” reads one comment in Schumer's defense. “Your pregnancy was far from glamorous and I'm sure will help a lot of women.”

Of course, there are bound to be haters no matter what Amy Schumer does, but an unfiltered look into a pregnancy that was far from perfect would surely be inspiring to many. We would certainly tune in. So far, there's been no further details about her potential documentary, but hopefully she'll release more information soon.

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