'Bachelor' Alum Bekah Martinez Proudly Shows Off Her Post-Baby Belly And Body Hair

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Bekah Martinez

Instagram: @whats_ur_sign

Thanks to tabloids and films, there exists a ridiculous expectation on new mothers to "bounce back" after birth. However, more and more mothers are challenging this societal norm, sharing images of their "imperfect" bodies throughout pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

Now, Bekah Martinez, 24-year-old Bachelor alum, is joining in the wave of realistic post-baby photos being shared on Instagram. Martinez, who announced her pregnancy shortly after her time on the hit ABC show, gave birth to a baby girl named Ruth in early February. She shared an intimate photo of the water birth shortly after Ruth was born, then followed up with a couple of breastfeeding photos and even admitted to wearing adult diapers, proving her commitment to keeping it real.

Over the weekend, Martinez posted a picture of herself relaxing on a sunny lounge chair, her belly and armpit hair proudly on display. "Every mom bod is different,” she wrote in the caption. “Some are thin and some are round, some are wrinkly and some are hairy, some are light and some are brown. No one’s body is [puke emoji]. If you think otherwise, kindly f–k off or unfollow.”

Though there are a fair amount of shaving debates happening on the post, the majority of comments are in full support of Martinez' body positive sentiment.

"You are a warrior, and out of every single female bachelor contestant I’ve seen — you are doing the most positive work by far for females," one user writes. "Thank you for using your platform to show women and girls what self-love and self-respect looks like. You go Mama!"

Instead of promoting weight-loss teas and beauty-boosting gummies, like many former Bachelor contestants do, Martinez's Instagram is refreshingly real. Hopefully, she will inspire more mothers to feel comfortable in their 5 Moms Show the Beauty of a Woman’s Body After Childbirth

">post-pregnancy skin.

"Let’s stop saying moms are 'lucky' to get their pre-baby bods back," she said in previous post. 'Lucky' is getting the opportunity to carry a child within you. 'Lucky' is having a healthy baby. 'Lucky' is watching your body change after bringing new life into the world, not squeezing into your old high-waisted jeans a week after giving birth."